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Why Should I Use Angular JavaScript For Web App Development




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Millions of developers are using JavaScript for web application development because of its strengthening features like quick development with less required coding and simply easy to understand. That’s the reason that from the last few years, JavaScript frameworks has achieved tremendous appreciation.

What is Angular JS?

AngularJS is a structural framework for Javascript that is particularly devised to help Java developers to create dynamic SPAs (Single-Page App). It is the best way to build interactive and robust single page sites and mobile apps on time. 

Why AngularJS is Popular?

Ever increasing needs for web applications has gained the momentum for AngularJS development services.This framework for web application development is a central pick for Angular JS web developers who confide on the JavaScript to create accustomed areas of website which users see in their web browsers ( Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer).

Its importance can be comprehended from the fact that > 99% of the websites use this framework as a rapid progressive web development language. Basically, its two high level features like dependency injection and two-way data binding lets you formulate engaging and visually appealing apps that could have otherwise taken months if JS and Jquery has been used. 

AngularJS Features and Benefits 

If you are starting a new project, only innovative designing and choosing the most appropriate technology stack would blow away the cobwebs and let you think out of the box. What wonders Angular JS does? Before you begin with the project, read the following wonders you will experience with AngularJS web development.

  • It helps the JavaScript developers to create synergistic web pages by attempting the custom client scripts. 
  • If needed, it uses the cross-platform run time engines like Node. Js for writing server-side code in JavaScript. 
  • It help web developers to create all browser compatible web pages by combining  HTML5 and CSS3 with JavaScript.
  • It has the availability of controller to reveal the behavior in a readable fashion. 
  • It has a two-way data binding system that inevitably synchronizes data between model and view areas. 
  • Plain JavaScript makes the coding easy to test, maintain and reuse. 
  • It provides a deep linking that reflects where the users are in the web application development process.
  • AngularJS forms the Validation System for a great user experience and server communication to simplify the coding with asynchronous return of data.

Apart from, what other benefits like unit testing, rendering of html, scope of controlling multiple variables and event-handling it offers to web developers, it integrates all the necessary features offered by directive. It provides all those elements that are required to build dynamic single page apps. 

Why AngularJS is Used?

Biggest web design firms in Boston prefer using the Angular JavaScript framework because it lets them to simplify the complex web applications for mobile and web platforms.

Where AngularJS is Used?

Ample of features that make it unique to other frameworks include,

  • Support for MVC
  • Templating
  • Two-Way Data Binding 
  • Restful API 
  • Form Validation

Why Angular Framework Important For Businesses?

Undoubtedly, Angular JavaScript is being extensively adopted for web development. There are some critical features of AngularJS to reach the root of fact why it is becoming the most preferred choice for web developers. 

  • High Performance 
  • Fast & Easy to Adopt 
  • Reduce Line Coding 
  • Permits Frequent Testing 
  • Dependencies Handling

Performance of AngularJS

Developers of today don’t want to spend hours and hours on debugging. Therefore, they use AngularJS. With Angular JS you can easily make the minor changes. It also provides less or simple maintenance due to its power-packed features like Data Binding, Content Sanitization, API Client, Directives, Routing etc. All these features bring high performance of the AngularJS, thus making it the favorite JS framework among web developers.

You need to consider some important elements like browser users, available hardware, state of cache, and an internet connection to check the run time performance and speed of backend with AngularJS.  

Unlike other frameworks, AngularJS MVC framework is quite fast and easy to adopt. You can easily perform the complex tasks. You can develop application in minutes by just adding the few attributes to HTML, language. 

Developers are always in search of the best possible ways to reduce the size of code and so the time to develop web app. Interestingly, with Angular JS you can follow this reduce line coding technique where there will be no need of MVC pipeline. It is a hidden gem for the TopNotch Innovative Technologies who are offering the web development services from last few decades. Our AngularJS web developers do frequent testing to make sure our client’s application is error free and bugfree. With us, you just name it and we do it. Just contact us for your next web application designing and development within your set time and budget. 

Angular JS vs React JS performance

Both of these JavaScript frameworks have been the strongest contenders. Although, AngularJS is the top choice of developers, React JS is still riding the high wave of popularity as a new JavaScript framework  developed by Facebook. Some of the advantages include

Pros of React JS

  • It has super simple English like syntax.
  • It allows you to learn an entirely new popular programming language. 
  • It allows a better interaction between web apps and web browser. 
  • Its load bearing lightweight architecture framework makes it an ideal platform to handle heavy loads. 
  • It offers downward data binding and handles heavy data handling web or mobile apps. 
  • It fuels some of the popular websites and mobile apps like Whatsapp, Airbnb, Netflix, Dropbox, Yahoo and Facebook.

Cons of React JS

  • It lacks the official documentation from Facebook. 
  • There are lots of updates, bug fixes that make the developers confuse. 

Apart from this, AngularJS was the first framework called a Superheroic JavaScript MVVM framework to support the building of superior interactive web applications. It is used by large platforms like Forbes, Google,, Upwork, YouTube, Freelancer and many more other popular websites. 

How To Get Started With Angular JS ?

If you want to use the Angular JS for development purpose, create a web or mobile app, then head towards the
Boston website development company or if you wish to create your own from scratch after months learning then official website of AngularJS is waiting your way. Other than website developers, that site would be the best source for detailed information  and learning more about it. Before you move on, let us tell some learning means that will help you sooner or later. 

Understand the Angular JS vocabulary and its component proper functioning. Then walk end-to-end through the entire web or mobile app development process. Download your app with directory layout after testing on top of node.js web server. 

If you are wondering how AngularJS can help you develop exemplary web apps, you can contact at (888) 355-8880.


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