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Website Maintenance Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know




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Most of the entrepreneurs oversight the website monthly maintenance. They have a neck-deep into the business trying to keep the business going without noticing the core component of their business; a website designed a long time ago having less or no visitors. 

The website is nothing without the visitors who love to see new content about your products and services on the website. And if they don’t find what they are looking for, they are not going to get hands-on your services. 

It can be due to any reason. Either your website is not functioning properly, it is not updated, the database is not optimized, WordPress Security is unfocused, or key metrics are left unchecked. Well, challenges are much harder than these possible problems. But what you need to do is get small business website maintenance and website optimization to make a good landmark on search engines. This will ensure quality traffic that may become potential conversions. 

What can be more good than this to an entrepreneur who is burning the midnight oil to bring business !

Therefore, never screw up your goals by missing the mark of checking your website regularly. Website isn’t about that you create once and then leave it without keeping website security check, or automatic website backups. 

For this, you have to look for award-winning Boston web design company who can really do care of your website after redesigning it and offer you website maintenance services in low-cost.

Such well-reputed companies have shared the website maintenance tips. These tips are all about the basic guidelines that you should know. And obvious technical website issues you need to hire website design and development company that can make your website error free.

By tips here, we do not mean to talk about seo audits, marketing stuff or content audits. Though they also need to be done regularly but don’t fall under our website maintenance category. In short, web maintenance is all about web development.

Website Maintenance Tips By Professionals

Tip # 1- Perform a User Testing

For instance, you built a website that is natural to users; a website that drives the kind of action you want them to make. Hold on, the way people engage with your website is totally changed now. To create an intuitive sense for all the users make your website all devices compatible, responsive and do cross device website compatibility test. Your annual performance testing includes all browsers and device types (Android, iOS, iPad, Tablet etc.).

Tip # 2- Perform Test Purchases

If you have an ecommerce site, then purchasing function would be the most important type of functionality you can’t ignore. If it stops, your business is at a huge risk of losing the big profits. Therefore, atleast once every couple of months, have someone or firm that can do a few test purchases to make sure all process is going smooth. And if they find a snag or anything that is not seamless, update your website soonest. 

Tip # 3- Update Your Website 

The only way to make your web design seamless is to update it from the core i.e update installed themes, plugins (latest version) and core WordPress files. We all know  WordPress Plugins are used to enhance the website functionality but when used in excessive, the performance and security of the website is affected. Delete some of the plugins that you have used a long time ago, or turn them off. 

Also, do check for security updates. No matter how high-profile security your website has, cyber attackers breach it all the time. Therefore, you should plan ahead for security of your website. 

Tip # 4 – Optimize Your Database 

Database includes blogs, images, settings, videos etc  instead all your website content. More the website grows, more would be the database stuffing that eventually results in a decrease of the website speed. With the help of plugins, you can remove spammy comments, posts, unwanted post revisions and can optimize the underlying MYSQL database tables easily.

Tip # 5- Back Up Your Website 

Quarterly backups are far better than semi annual or annual back up checks. It has happened to all of us once or twice in life. We work on a project all day long and suddenly something goes wrong with your computer, you lose the entire data. And fortunately, if you have done your project backup you will be safe from such future troubles. It will minimize the potential data loss in the case of such a catastrophic event. You should invest in a backup system as a separate website maintenance to save the work you do.  

Tip # 6 – Review The Key Metrics

Entrepreneurs should scrutinize the website growth. Track the findings of user on your website to make sure the specific areas of your website is working fine. Or you can figure out if there is need of logging in to check your analytics at least once a week. Moreover, you can measure key performance indicators (KPIs), broken links, content errors, SEO rankings and analyzing reports. 

Tip # 7- Update Copyright Notices Annually 

Usually sites post one copyright date across an entire site. It is done to make other people aware that content on the page and site are protected by the copyright laws (at least in the United States). Copyright symbol is also added with the date of creation. Nevertheless, if websites are updated regularly , the copyright date should be updated as well. 

Tip # 8- Review Legal Disclaimers

Your website disclaimer policy should be updated and compliant with current policies and laws stated by the government. This will help you protect your online activities. 

Tip # 9- Check Website Loading Speed

If you don’t want your visitor to bounce back towards your competitors site, then must provide them fast loading desktop or mobile web pages. Otherwise, it will affect your website ranking on search engines directly. There are a number of tools to grade your site’s loading time and then offer tips to augment it. 

Tip # 10- Test Critical Contact Points

All contact forms, CTA’s and elements of the checkout process must be verified. Enter the information correctly and use the proper follow-up actions. You can also use the contact form plugins to let the visitors fill out the forms. If any of your forms aren’t working right, you could be missing out on valuable leads, so make sure you catch the problem sooner rather than later.

Please take care of the above points as best as you can to avoid the shock of finding that your website has been hacked by some unethical hacker group. And if you feel like you need a little help on your website security, you can get website optimization, maintenance and security from the web design company.


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