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Ultimate UX tools Of 2019 That Will Help Designers to Think Out of The Box




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Regardless of the company size, 10-12 web designers are in one designing team. 80 % of the top designers of the world only use Mac for design purpose, whereas rest use Windows, Linux or Multiple to create the websites, mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, and much more than this.

If we go in depth of topic and put our ideas into words, we will come to know that brainstorming is different for the different designers. Brainstorming in a broader term for the designers begins from the creation of interfaces, exploratory mocks to prerequisites assembling.

Some prefer to do sketching, paper / whiteboards and some take help of UI/UX designing tools; Figma, Illustrator, Adobe XD, or Photoshop.

The designers use these UX designing tools for creating a user flow that helps them to find the primary solution of all the problems. 

Now questions arise here that what problems do web designers and product designers encounter and what tools do UX designers use to eliminate the real cause. We’ll chalk out the complete list of UX tools and techniques that will help you excel, progress and get recognized as the creative and successful designer.

When you try to bring forward the new creative ideas, UX design tools are of great help. The tools add productivity in designing the website, wireframing, prototyping, user testing or interactive designing and ultimate team collaboration.

These latest 2019 UX designing tools are the right choices. However, the tools are divided into 7 specific parts.

  • UX tools for flowcharts, diagrams and mad mapping
  • UX Wireframing tools
  • UX Prototyping tools
  • UX handoff tools
  • UX research and UX testing tools
  • UX tools for interaction design
  • UX tools for interface design
  • UX tools for real-time collaboration

User experience design is growing at a rapid pace for some good reason. Because companies understand the crucial role of UX and UX designing tools in real businesses. UX has many stages during the process and for each one you need to have tools that will help you execute your job in the best possible way.

Let’s talk about the topnotch UX designing tools by the TopNotch Innovative Technologies that will make the UX designers’ life easy.

Research, UX Audit and Testing Tools

  • Google Analytics
  • Optimizely
  • Hotjar
  • User testing
  • Funkyfy

Google Analytics: It’s hard to find a company that is not using the power of Google Analytics. Google analytics is a great and super powerful tool to start your research. It is a free to use tool but Ads and Analytics 360 are tailor-made paid tools. They share free online courses to help you learn the UX platform.

Optimizely: This tool is best for data-driven experiments for SaaS companies who want to reach out the final customers. The proper AB testing with the help of this tool makes your product marketing and adjustment easier than ever. Unfortunately, its free version is not available and can be asked for on demand.

Hotjar: This tool helps you understand the user behavior, get heatmaps, conversion funnels, recordings of real visitor behavior on the website, understand feedback and last but not the least recruit user testers all in one platform. It has 15 days free trial option with limited features. They charge euros per month for Business or Plus subscriptions. It is used by some of the great elite industries; HubSpot,, Upstream, Nintendo etc.

User testing: It is another platform for remote user testing. It helps you to understand the overall experience of the user. Its free trial is available and if you like its usage, you can demand for its pricing too. It is commonly used by Adobe, CNN, TripAdvisor, WordPress, Canva.

Funkyfy: It is a must-have no discussion tool in which a UX designer should have expertise in 2019. This free Chrome extension helps the designers to understand the page looks and can easily be tested by people with different types of disability.  

UX Tools for Flowcharts, Diagrams and Mad Mapping

Comatosely, flowcharts, diagrams and mind maps are good means of organizing the information visually.  For the mindful management, designers use UX tools such as MindManager, Visio or SmartDraw to transform the brainstorming ideas into reality.

MindManager: It is an ideal tool to plan the projects, analyze process, consolidate and transfer knowledge virtually on whiteboard. It is a comprehensive mind mapping software application that is used for compiling research, organizing large amount of information and strategic planning eventually.

Visio: The great UX tool to work visually and make diagrams simple on any web browser. It helps you to communicate complex information with data-linked diagrams in just few clicks and also take advantage of maximum productivity in Visio shapes. It can be easily linked to the multiple data sources inclusive of MS Excel, Active Directory, Microsoft SharePoint Lists etc.

SmartDraw: It is a robust flowchart maker that can be used to draw a diagram or design flow chart on any of the modern browser. It includes hundreds of templates that can be easily edited.  It easily integrates with tools that designers already have. And most amazing feature is that with just single click, you can share the diagrams on PowerPoint, MS Excel, Outlook or MS Word. In addition to this it can be easily exported to PDF or other graphic formats.

UX Handoff Design Tools

This one of the free User Experience UX design tools comes into action when the designers’ job is completed and the design is delivered to the developers ( next phase ). The ultimate purpose of these handoff design tools is to reduce the guesswork, and to bring change/effectiveness in the design process. Some of the great UX tools include Mockplus iDoc, or Zeplin.

Zeplin: It is another amazing UX handoff design tool built for the UI designers and front-end developers. It makes the collaboration easier between both designers and developers. With this tool, designers can easily design the websites, products etc. while developers can generate the platform-related code snippets.

Mockplus iDoc: It’s an amazing tool to help you connect your entire product design workflow that goes far beyond simple designing. Thus, allowing the mobile designers to create the masterpieces, upload wireframes and the visual designs from Sketch, Adobe XD etc.

UX Tools for Wireframing

What is wireframe UX? Wireframing is an effective way to present the ideas and thoughts that makes the whole process easy for web designers. Their UI/UX designers create the wireframe using these tools; Moqups, Gliffy, Lucidchart, WireframeSketcher etc.

Moqups: It is an online mockup, wireframe and UI prototyping tool from low fidelity to high-fidelity. This vibrant wireframing tool makes the online designing part smart, simple, fast and effective.

Gliffy: It is an easy to use online wireframe and mockup tool to create the framework for your website, homepage or app in many business flowchart requirements.

Lucidchart: This tool makes the designing process easy to share and test the winners. It is an effective tool for creating the interactive wireframes in less time.

WireframeSketcher: It is the best wireframing tool for professionals like Web Designers Boston, developers and product managers. They use the tool to create wireframes, mockups and prototypes for both desktop and mobile apps.

UX Tools for Prototyping

There are numbers of prototyping tools for designers that come in all shapes and sizes; MockPlus, Flinto, Axure RP, Justinmind, ProtoPie etc.

ProtoPie: This most advanced prototype tool that allows you to test the functionality of your prototypes with simple scanning of barcode. It syncs with Sketch or Photoshop.

Justinmind: It is all-in-one prototyping tool used for wireframes or prototypes. It is used to design the apps be it web or mobile app. It comes in various features like drag n drop placement, re-sizing, formatting or import/export of widgets.

Axure RP: It is the best tool to high-fidelity wireframes to create the sophisticated and interactive designs.

Flinto: It is specifically designed tool for Mac that lets you make an interactive wireframes or prototypes of the desktop/mobile apps. It has features of creating a transition-based animation or the screen management to tackle with large number of app screens.

MockPlus: It is simple, fast and clean tool that helps you focus on the design of the website or product. It helps the UX designers to create synergistic wireframes in less possible time. It includes more than 700,000 product managers and designers, 50 well-known companies and 300 universities.

UX Tools for User Research and User Testing

User research and usability testing is a technique of adding the user-centered interactive designs to test and improve the user experience. There are number of tools used to perform this testing; Optimizely, Trello, and User testing.

Optimizely: It is the world’s eminent experimentation platform that will make the UX testing easy and personalized for web/mobile apps. It focuses on one specific type of test, A/B testing where the designers can retouch the interface.

User testing: It is the top online user testing tool that showcase the videos of real people empowering their thoughts in front of people who use prototypes, web or mobile apps.

Trello: It is one of the best infinitely flexible, and easy to use UX designing tool. It keeps track of the minute details to big projects in the designing.

UX Tools for Interface Design and Real-Time Collaboration

Figma and Sketch are well-known UX tools used for interface designing.

Sketch: It helps you picture your creative ideas in a final piece of art. It is a vector-based design tool where you can pre-design elements like widgets, CTAs and complex navigations.

Figma: It is a collaborative interface design tool that helps the team members to work collaboratively and add the comments on design in real time. 

Invision: It is a web-based prototyping tool that can bring your design to life. With the help of this tool you can design the files, add animations, gestures and apply transitions. Moreover, it supports JPG, PSD, PNG, GIF and AI format files.

Marvelapp: As name tells, it is the marvelous app that can turn anything into interactive prototypes. It simplifies the complex details to a greater extent. In addition to this, it supports direct uploading od particular image types such as JPG, GIF, or PSD along with the third-party uploading through Google Drive, Sketch etc.

Now, you have a complete knowledge of the Ultimate UX tools of 2019 that can help you brainstorm ideas. Its importance can be understood by the professional designers who make every effort to make their clients happy and satisfied. If you have any ideas or tools that you use for your web designing, please do share your opinions and thoughts with us.

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