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Static Site Generators - Things You Need to Know




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In the past, the web pages were simple CSS and HTML. There was no availability of dynamic pages and also no extension behind the databases. Due to this, it was very difficult and time consuming as well to update your entire website. Furthermore, applying a new style was also not easy. It is important to note that to solve the problem, developers started using programming language like PHP for making websites.

One of the most frequently done comparisons is the static website vs dynamic website. In the following blog, we will be looking at both these website options. For your information, with a dynamic and program-based website, you can generate the content using the code. There is no need to individually code every single page. All the important information will be stored in database and programs will plug into each page wherever it will be appropriate. In most of the cases, it is more efficient and easier to manage things in this way.

However for simple site, a dynamic website is not complicated. If you only want to add a simple logo page or two that reveals some of the information about your business, then why do you need an entire web platform like WordPress. The answer is you don’t. The next thing is the speed factor. It is a fact that website designing is also an important part of the development process. To get the website designing through the hands of professional, you can get in touch with Boston web design company. The professionals will design your website properly according to the latest trends for increased functionality.

Wondering, what are the advantages of static websites? The simple static sites are very quick. You must know that nothing is going on in the background and it is just a simple HTML. There are also HTML static website available that you can use according to your needs. So, keep one thing clear in your mind that static sites are very fast in comparison to others.

Why Static Site Generator?

What if you want the benefits of both static site and web application? This is the point where the static website generators come in to the picture. Note that instead of web application constantly running on web server, you can use a static site generator for dynamically creating site and all static pages in it. You just have to simply upload the files to the server and everything is set. In this way, your site is still dynamically generated. But it is dynamically generated once you put it online instead of every time someone will do a request for a page.

Static sites generated using a static site generator are very fast as compared to dynamic sites. They need few server resources to run and they can easily handle more traffic. Furthermore, for the development of the static pages, you need static web page generator.

What is meant by static website? The static sites are more secure than dynamic sites. They also need less maintenance. Just like any other computer program, a web application similar to dynamic website can have some security flaws and bugs. You can get information about these flaws in famous data breaches in the news. 

Note that WordPress is a popular dynamic website platform. But it is also one of the favorite spots among hackers for a reason. In addition to this, static website doesn’t have the program for exploitation or a database to break.

It is easy to use static website. It is having a very few configurations that you need on server for running a static site. For a five-page website that displays the business information, a WordPress site can be excessive as well. If you are planning to resolve any issue in your website, then you should avail the web development services from an experienced company within your area.

Some Popular Options

With the passage of time, static site generator has become very popular. There are plenty of options that you can choose but some are very popular.

Jekyll is one of the popular options and it has been used for a long time. It is written in Ruby programming language, the same that give rise to the popular Rails Framework. It features its own templating language to easily simplify the development of your pages. If you want to start the work with the static site, then Jekyll is one of the best places to start.

Some of the other options that you can look are Nuxt, Hugo, Gatsby, and Wintersmith. These are some of the popular options and they offer features that resemble to Jekyll with slight changes. You must note that they all are free and open source. So, feel free to do the experiment and you should find something that fits your style.

Hope now you are having a better understanding about the static website. You should keep all this in your mind when you are going to get one of your businesses. Furthermore, if you are looking to get custom website development, then hire the best web development company that offers custom website development services within your area.


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