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An Introductory Guide Regarding Design Thinking




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Do you know, what is design thinking? In simple words, it is a framework that will put user needs as an integral element of your product development. Moreover, if you are curious to know what exactly is design thinking, then here is a definition: Design Thinking is a human-centered approach toward innovation that is drawn from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, a requirement for business, and possibilities of technology for business success.

Today, companies are trying their best to build strong relations with their customers. The design thinking with its user-centered approach helps your business to achieve your objectives. The product developers, either it is a construction, software development, and the automotive industry, you need to focus first on people needs and solution to meet these needs.

Now, we will be looking at the different things related to design thinking:

Design Thinking Step By Step

If you are incorporating this framework in your
product development process steps, then you will move through five important steps:

Empathize: This stage will involve gathering insights regarding users and trying to understand their objectives, needs, and wishes.

Define: This phase will include all about identifying the challenge. Here we will be looking at what difficulties do users face? What is the biggest user problem, and what users actually need?

Ideate: With name, you might get an idea that it is dedicated to thinking about the way to solve the problems you have identified with the help of your product. The designers, product team, and software engineer will brainstorm and generate multiple ideas.

Prototype: The fourth stage is related to prototype product development and testing that will bring you near to the point for turning your ideas into reality. By developing prototypes, you can test your ideas fitness.

Test: By creating a prototype for your product, you need to test your present prototype to find out either it solve the problems and provide thing users need it or not. Remember that this is not the end of the journey and you cannot put a full stop here. You will get feedback from your user and adjust product functionality and test it again. It is a continuous process that resembles with the build-measure-learn approach in the lean startup methodology.  To ensure that proper testing is done and all the steps are followed, you should get in touch with TopNotch Innovative Technologies, a website development agency in Boston MA. The professional team will take care of everything so that work can be done right.

Design Thinking Not Only Focus on Design       

The word design with the name of concept design thinking might be misleading. As mentioned above, design thinking will refer to any area from the automotive industry to software development. It is appropriate for all stages of building a product.

Let’s consider the software development process as an example. To make it possible, design thinking can be applied at every stage of the software development life cycle steps that include planning, development, testing, etc. including design.

Design Thinking At Software Development Stage

Now, let’s talk about design thinking in the software development phase.  Take the example of mobile shopping app development. 

In small teams, where there are no UX designers and business analyst, their role is played by the business owners and software developers. For building a high-grade project. They will do deep research to identify the problems of user and have a look at every feature with user’s eyes.

When we are talking about e-commerce shopping, this is more convenient to utilize it on the mobile app as compared to wait for page load in a browser. To develop your mobile app, you should always hire an experienced mobile app development company. The skilled mobile app developers will create a functional app with easy navigation for your mobile users. The problem lies in the fact that many storefront apps will turn out to be misleading. You need to find out a product they need otherwise customers have to search endlessly through various sections and scrolling down long pages.

With design thinking in software development, developers will pass all stages starting from empathy to testing. You have to provide users with a solution that will make search across product fast and convenient. You have to carefully consider all elements and you have to arrange them logically and should do everything to make your customer journey easy.

For the better design of your product, you should avail the Boston web design services from the experts. They will come up with an effective design to keep all your requirements in mind for making your website attractive and easy to navigate. 

Benefits of Design Thinking in Software Development

Now, we will be discussing the key
benefits of using a design thinking in business approach for software development:

Feasibility Check

Design Thinking will enable software development companies to test the feasibility of their future product and its functionality at the initial stages. This will also allow them to keep end-user needs in mind and clearly specify the requirements and translates all this into product features.

Clarity and Transparency

Design thinking approach will allow software developers to see and understand the end goals, problem, and detailed vision of the solutions they should deliver.

No Surprises at All

Once you have tested your MVP and have collected the feedback from users, then the team can confidently proceed to product development. You can be quite sure that there will be little or no difference between the approved concept and final version. 

Continuous Improvement

The product can be modified after it releases when you are having user feedback in hand. Now you will have a clear picture to see what features work and which one will not. You can figure out how a product can be enhanced and what suggestions can be added for the improvement. You are having a place for continuous improvement and by this software development process becomes smooth and flexible.

Hope now you are having a better understanding regarding thinking and benefits of design thinking in business.  Keep all these things in your mind when designing the product so that you can satisfy your valuable customers.


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