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Google Bridges the Communication gap Between the Advertiser and Customer




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As soon as Google integrated its Ads icon that appears green during any search conducted via Google search tab, it did the advertisers a great favor and allowed them to boost and post ads not only via Google Ad sense but also Ads that appear in general search. Though it was a great initiative but still orthodox to some extent regarding the fact that it was no different than simple advertisement. As desperate times calls for desperate measures, Google has recently disposed off the news that they would be adding a “Text” icon alongside the ad Words.

Now this would bring a literal revolution in the marketing and advertisement world, as it would connect the interested customer directly to the advertiser without even having to visit the complete ad or the company profile. As soon as the text icon is clicked, it opens the cell phone’s default messaging operation, and fills in an inbuilt message that shows the contact information of the respective advertiser or if the user want to learn more about the respective Ad/Company. This would not only flood in relevant and interested customers but also improve the company fame profile. The more people asking about the company/deals the more it would get popular and hence more business. The Ad icon not only shows just the text option but also the calling option if the user requires to make a direct call, he would be connected to the advertisers provided contact on the respective company’s profile. Google not only allows simple messaging or calling option, it plans to also provide what type of contacting operation the user wants to have. Thus giving a complete liberty to the user to choose the right and in accordance to urgency option to contact the advertiser.

More information would be revealed soon as the Google officials aren’t disclosing much about it. It is expected to soon hit the Google search and take the internet marketing word by storm by benefiting the seller and buyer both.   TopNotchInovations known for its astounding services in web development and mobile applications in Cape Cod, also plans to offer its clients this service just as soon as the service gets available for the general population to use and integrate.


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