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6 Areas Where Free Generators Assist Developers and Designers




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Are you looking for a way to get more time for art and creativity? It is a reality that every project is having some boring tasks that need to be done. To avoid this situation, you should get the help of online services and generator that are designed specifically for these situations like Lists, UPNG, Font Generator. All of these tools are used to perform the tedious task.

For your information, UNPG deal with the most difficult tasks out there. It minimizes the image in PNG format. It will optimize the image to find an optimal balance between size and quality. Due to this, you will not see much difference in the original image and the optimized version but your website will load faster.

Moving on, the lists give you a dummy text for concepts. But these chunks of texts are readable as compared to Lorem Ipsum. These texts look like real content and cover 20 popular categories including communication, business, design, finance, food, and others.

On the other hand, Font Generator online is like an instrument that works with typefaces. It will mix and match various fonts from the Google database and offers unique pairings. Just specify the accents, titles, and body. After this, the tool will generate variations.

Tools for Typography

Looking for the tools related to typography? Bungee and Long shadow generator are the options available. These two tools will help you to convert your titles and slogans into an attention-grabbing piece. For your information, Bungee is an online tool for creating typography with a trendy vertical rhythm. It is having a dozen typefaces that you can use to get the best results. Furthermore, you can also set the color, theme, background, letters, orientation, and alternate letters. There are more free tools for web designers available and they are offering many features that you can use to do your work.

Long shadow generator is a small playground where you can experiment with your text shadows. You should adjust the main aspects and copy the resulting code to apply it on the desired headline.

The next important thing to discuss is the Responsive Font Calculator. This is helpful for those who care for the responsiveness of typography on the website. This tiny calculator will provide a proper calculation that will allow text to scale smoothly.

To enhance the overall look of your website, you should get in touch with our web design agency in Boston MA. The competent designer will look into your requirements and will design the website properly to make it attractive and functional.

6 Areas Where Generators Are Helpful

Now, we will be looking at the areas within your website where the generators are helpful for you. Let’s get started:

1- Effects and Pattern

If you are looking to get some patterns for the background, then we recommend Confetti.js and Patterninja. Note down that Confetti.js is
a background pattern generator that generates confetti-inspired background that can be animated. You can configure the type of confetti, its number, size, color, and canvas dimension.

On the other hand, Patterninja is a small service that is having a ton of images inside and you can easily mix and match it. You should use the available graphic or SVG to build a unique composition. If needed, you can also search for the animated background generator online.

2- Adding Colors

Poor selection of color can make your project look dull and may not convey the right message. To avoid this situation, you can use the Random Material Palette Generator and Colors. You can also look for the color palette generator online to complete the task. The first one is guided by the Principle of Material Design and it offers different variants of three-tone schemes. You can apply the created solution to image, text, card template, vertical template for accessing the suitability.

Contrarily, the Color is a professional tool that is generating five-tone color palette and this allows you to set saturation, hue, temperature, and brightness. You can get this result in four formats that includes SCSS, PDF, PNG, and SVG.

3- Website Building

Sometimes you may be looking for an all-in-one tool or generator as a free easy website builder. Startup is a Bootstrap builder that will assist you in building an entire website. It is having a ready-made tools and themes. You can use these tools to develop and design your website. Furthermore, you can also publish it from their browser.

4- Programmatically Generated Graphics

The trend of creating graphics utilizing HTML, vanilla, JavaScript, and CSS got a boost when Mary Lou Released CSS3 Pattern Gallery. This has shown us the hidden possibilities of CSS. You can consider Simple Icon Generator and Vue SVG Maker here.

Simple Icon Generator is having dozens of settings that you can set according to your own choice. This includes background, shape, border, font, color, and others.

Vue SVG Maker provides a small control panel where you can set the options. This will generate a small abstract scene having a title in the middle. You should grab the result in SVG format and you can use it.

5- Fun Graphics

Let’s forget about web designing for a while and look for Threed and Crello.

For your information, Threed generates attractive and realistic 3D mockups that are perfect for promoting mobile applications. You get the freedom to set glare, color, angle, and shadow.

Crello is a platform where you can create graphics of various kinds. This comes with a ton of static and dynamic templates, patterns, textures, objects, and patterns.

The generators are not only available for the web designers. There are tools for web developers as well that will make their task easy.

6- Graphics

Generator for graphics will assist you in building logos, icons, patterns, and all sorts of visual material. Logo Crunch is a free logotype maker that is best in creating attractive and responsive graphics. In settings, you can set the crop factor, choose the size, fill holes, and some other. This is suitable for the iOS, Android, and Android application.

Designevo provides more than 3000 templates that allow you to generate best logotypes in seconds.


If time is important for you, then these generators are beneficial for you as they are offering instant solutions for your basic problems. You can find out more
free tools for web designers to complete your work. If you are still having trouble in completing your website designing or development, then you should connect with a professional company to get your work done.


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