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On average, emails convert at a rate of 1.51%- These emails include both unopened and the ones that bounce. However, emails opened by recipients have shown the average conversion rate of 17.82 %. Email is a great tool for earning the leads from a website, converting and holding them for your business success. 

As you know, a new mobile-friendly web design approach is very inn, same goes with the designing of email marketing campaigns for your clients. This shift from designing for desktop to mobile has been interesting. But why should we only focus on designing websites to appeal to mobile end-users. 

Emails for desktop users is also incredibly influential driver of conversions for websites where Gmail is a leader within the email client ranks. According to Litmus data, 43% of email opens up on mobile devices. More emails are opened on mobile than desktop device. Therefore, design the emails based on the mobile experience. 

Let’s go even further with this into mobile email design techniques.

Mobile Email Design Tips To Increase Conversions


Whether it’s a mobile or a desktop, emails should be designed in a way that can bring more open rates, clicks and the web conversion rates 

Design The Same Email For Desktop & Mobile


Among sponsored ads, send in messenger campaigns, sms marketing, billboard marketing and other marketing channels, EMAIL is still effective one to acquire and retain customers. From almost 6 million email marketing campaigns, the shift to mobile has made it difficult to get readers to engage with your email content.The picture is not as clear as it seems. According to the Campaign Monitor, there are some things that happen with the mobile email subscribers. 59 % of the subscribers do nothing where 41% of the emails are opened on a mobile device. However, 23% of them open the email for a second time. This open rate varies from mobile to desktop. 

While the mobile certainly gets more email subscribers over to a website, the conversion-friendliness of desktop cannot be ignored. If you want to heighten the number of conversions you get from a single email campaign, enable the subscribers  to seamlessly move from one device to the other as they decide what action to take with your sent emails. Design the email exactly the same way you designed for desktop. Need some help? Contact TNiT, a web design company based in Boston MA for any kind of design needs.

But keeping in mind the majority of subscribers, you should follow the mobile-first design and marketing tips to create an email that’s suitable for all subscribers. 

Factor in Dark Mode When Choosing Your Colors


To avoid the distraction of the user when landing from campaign email to website, you need to consider the excellent color combination. Your choice of color and brightness for their mobile screen affects the readability of your email design. 

No surprise to say that Dark Mode options are beginning to roll out as the harmful blue lights from our devices are not good. Though, it’s prevalent on desktop, still in beta for mobile and similar is the case for email apps. Hence, smartphone users can hack their own “ Dark Mode” of sorts. This type of color inversion can be enabled through the iPhone “Accessibility” settings.

For instance, if you design a standard email with branded color palette and bright colored notices and CTA buttons, it should look the same when viewed through iPhone “ Smart Invert” setting. 

Beside blue, there is a harsh mix of colors and a hard-to-read brand logo on the top left of the page. Such kind of colors create an off-put experience for mobile users. Bright colored backgrounds are likely to clash with the surrounding black of your email app. Therefore, you should design the emails carefully. Just rely on your own sets to confirm that potential views in Dark Mode don’t interfere with your message with design. 

In addition to this, standard testing can also be done. You can set your own smartphone up with Light and Dark Mode, then run your test email through the filter to check what happens to the colors. It will help you determine the colors that you can and cannot use to design with email

Begin With The Subject Line


The subject line is the very first thing your email subscribers are going to see. This line appears as a push notification or they first encounter it in their inbox. Recognition of the sender with compelling, attractive and of their interest subject line will help the email them to open your email or ignore it. Let us share a few tricks to make your subject line clickable. 

  • Make your subject line small ( 4 to 10 Words) – According to some of the real time analysis, ideal subject line resulted in high open rate with less number of clicks. While, the 7-word subject line seemed to have struck the perfect balance with subscribers, causing 15.2 % of the emails to open and then 10.8 % clicks on it. Hence, the ideal length of the subject line should be of 7 words.
  • Secondly, these 7 words should be buzzwords in your email subject line. Some of the SPAM trigger words include double your income, earn $, Free Investment, Free leads, Free trial, Fast Cash, special promotion to valued customers, Reminder, One-Time Investment, Great offer, Info you requested us, Get started now, Hit your goals this summer and Secret Sauce. You can also use the subject line analysis and scoring tool to check the words that can increase or decrease the open rate of your emails. 

Pro-tip : Email subject lines with a number in them tend to get more opens. 

  • Last but not the least, subject line tester includes an email client preview. It will show you the design of an email prospects receive. If the words cuts off in mobile view, there is nothing to worry on this. It’s bound to happen. 

Dress Up Your Subject Lines With Emoji


Adding emojis in your subject line is not a new idea. Whenever you hear about the emojis in email subject, it makes quite sense. It’s the natural way of creating fun and expressional character as other social media and text messaging apps do. You can use the emojis instead of words to create a shorter subject lines for mobile users and get yourself a competitive advantage of getting the email open. 

Pro-tip : Not every emoji is perceived in the same way around the global world. Different Emojis in different businesses have different effects on every individual. Rather it’s more of obscure choice. 



Gift Wrapping of the Email


Hold on, did you think about the gift wrapper? Yes, you thought RIGHT. We should also decorate our endowments and offerings in the email the same way we wrap up the presents so that they should look appealing. You can design the email in a way that it hooks the viewer attention. 

Well, there are many different types of emails that go out from websites like Welcome message, Post-purchase transaction, abandoned cart reminder, promotional news, new content available, Reward Points etc. Now it’s up to you to design the email in a way that motivates them to visit your website and thereupon convert.


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