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Free tools for designers and developers

6 Areas Where Free Generators Assist Developers and Designers

Are you looking for a way to get more time for art and creativity? It is a reality that every project is having some boring tasks that need to be done. To avoid this situation, you should get the help of online services and generator that are designed specifically for these situations like Lists, UPNG,…

static vs dynamic website

Static Site Generators – Things You Need to Know

In the past, the web pages were simple CSS and HTML. There was no availability of dynamic pages and also no extension behind the databases. Due to this, it was very difficult and time consuming as well to update your entire website. Furthermore, applying a new style was also not easy. It is important to…

Design Thinking Approach

An Introductory Guide Regarding Design Thinking

Do you know, what is design thinking? In simple words, it is a framework that will put user needs as an integral element of your product development. Moreover, if you are curious to know what exactly is design thinking, then here is a definition: Design Thinking is a human-centered approach toward innovation that is drawn…

Java Programming Trends 2019

9 Java Programming Trends That Are Popular in 2019

Java has been used in the software industry for a very long time. Even in 2019, we are seeing this language at every place and billions of gadgets are running on it. It is used for creating a different range of application that includes embedded, wireless, and peer to peer applications. Java programming language can…

web development with Joomla

A Step by Step Guide for Developing a Website with Joomla 3.4

Developing a website is not a daunting task anymore. All thanks to the Joomla CMS. Even if you are not having knowledge about the programming still you can use this CMS to create a professional website at a low cost. Furthermore, it also ranks on the second position for most preferred content management systems. It…

Why Should I Use Angular JavaScript For Web App Development

Why Should I Use Angular JavaScript For Web App Development

Millions of developers are using JavaScript for web application development because of its strengthening features like quick development with less required coding and simply easy to understand. That’s the reason that from the last few years, JavaScript frameworks has achieved tremendous appreciation. What is Angular JS? AngularJS is a structural framework for Javascript that is…

9 Things Every Modern Web Developer Must Know

9 Things Every Modern Web Developer Must Know

Constantly, writing codes for the developers is a hard job. This blog would be an exciting time span for the modern web developers who every second day face new challenges. One of the main reasons behind this challenging time is evolution of new devices and browsers that lead them to research for number of resources…

A Brief Guide For Developing WordPress Website

A Brief Guide For Developing WordPress Website

WordPress is having a loyal user base and scores of dedicated developers who are bringing better features to the system in a year. Majority of the developers are using this platform to develop their websites to create an identity for their business within the market. Wondering how to create a WordPress website? Following is a…

Magento Vs. Shopify – Battle of the Best E-Commerce Platform

Magento Vs. Shopify – Battle of the Best E-Commerce Platform

If you are planning to sell services or products online, then picking up the right e-commerce platform for your business is the pre-requisite. You will find plenty of e-commerce site-building options but the majority of people are using tools like Magento and Shopify. These two are the most popular platforms that are used by thousands…