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An Effective Web Design Checklist before Launching your Website in Boston




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Launching a website is a huge task, whether it’s an e-commerce site or service-based. You have to check multiple things to achieve your target. This task has so many things that you might forget when doing final checks. So, today we are helping you by giving you the complete checklist to analyze before launching your website with the best web design in Boston. 

  • Web Design in Boston

First, we will discuss the things that need to be analyzed and checked in terms of design before launching a website. To design your website properly, your first task will be to hire the best and experienced web design agency to get the best results. A good agency will surely add the flavor of local culture while providing you with web design services in Boston. 

However, after reading these points you can also personally look after the whole website which will help you in assigning tasks and telling your demands to the agency you have hired.

  • Examine Website URLs and their Functioning

Properly look at your website and ensure that it is Live, which means it is visible to the audience. Every feature of the website should be working properly, by this we mean the complete website. Don’t make your visitors frustrated with the broken links. Check the navigation of your site manually to check for broken or misleading links.  In that need, many tools become helpful and will make your work easy. You can take advantage of services for completing the task such as or Google Search Console.

  • Ensure 404 page is Setup Correctly

This needs attention! If you are not careful, then there will always be links that are incorrect or lead to previously deleted pages. It is necessary to correctly set up a 404 (error) page to inform visitors that there is an issue. However, the link to the content he might be looking for will be on your website. You might have changed the link address so it is now linked to a web page not found page.

  • Analyze Website Speed

Website loading speed and bounce rate are interconnected. Bounce rate is an important aspect of creating a website. To ensure that your website has a lower bounce rate, you should optimize your website loading speed as per the recommended timings (less than 3 Seconds). Check the website performance by using Google Page Speed Insights, this will also highlight resolutions. In addition, you can also increase your web loading speed by optimizing your image to lower bandwidth, using fewer plugins, etc. We need to investigate every aspect to maximize our website speed.

  • Ensure Website Scalability

Adaptability needs to be focused on. Every website should be working properly on different devices. You need to work on it so that your user can view your website on various devices like mobiles, laptops, or desktops. Ensuring the optimization of your website is important for Search Engine Optimization as well. If you are accessible, then this will help you in getting conversions.


  • Inspect UX of your Website

User experience matters a lot! You need to refine the user experience in your entire website, from broken links to ease of navigation. If you are successful in providing a good and easier user experience, then this will help you to earn a positive reputation for your respective website. If you are having difficulty in the UX design of your website, contact an agency that provides the best UX web design in Boston to get the

  • Fabricate and Manage Site Backups

It is better to create a website backup. Doing this will secure you from losing your data in case been accidentally deleted by your web hosting service provider. To play safe, do it yourself and manage your site back up to avoid a difficult situation. Ensuring this will provide you peace of mind instead of looking to your web host for the files because in most cases they don’t make the files available to customers.

  • Check Your Website Uptime

No one will like to miss a sale because of the reason, the server was down. Most of the time we are not aware of this problem and we can’t even check it regularly. So, to overcome this problem you can invest in subscription software. Such software provides recorded performance updates and delivers instant email/SMS alerts, so you don’t need to check. But still, you need to look at it because it is quite difficult to find a reliable source for these services.

  • Examine Load For Increased Traffic

You can use online web pages and software to learn about the website’s performance in case traffic is increased. The use of the software will provide info about the durability of the website whether site speed is dramatically affected or website failure. These statistics will enable you to customize and alter the website to perform properly in the surge of online visitors.


  • Security is Priority (SSL Certificate)

SSL Certificates are small data files that embed a cryptic key into a website to prevent data theft. The website having additional security will have a padlock feature in the address bar. Having this feature allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. It is recommended that every website should have contained an SSL certificate. It is essential, in case a website is having card transactions, data transfer, and logins.

  • Create A Development Site

It is better to create a development site that allows you to make changes to a current website or for the configuration in a website format without publishing your content live. This feature allows you to test out web designs and work on visual aspects to enhance conversion after your site is live. If you are planning to create a development site, Drupal is one of the platforms that will assist you in this matter.

  • Check Your Images Properly

Use high-quality images and add high-quality images to attract traffic to your website. But keep one thing in your mind that they should be optimized properly and properly formatted. If you are not able to do it, contact your web design agency in Boston for support. If pictures are proper, then this will ensure optimal load speed.


Optimization For SEO

Search Engine Optimization integration is done to enhance the website ranking on a search engine for specific keywords. Things to do are properly write Meta tags, Meta descriptions, and alternative text for images that will help in the better SEO of your website. In that case, hiring an agency that provides services of both SEO and Web Design in Boston will surely be beneficial for you.

Inspect Your Forms

Submission or contact forms play a key role in your website. Ensure that forms submission is working correctly and the resulting submission leads to the correct location

  • Web Pages Compatibility Across Browsers

Internet users are not only using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. When checking various other things, make sure that your web pages are compatible across every browser. This will increase the volume of potential visitors to your website.

  • Favicon Should be Properly Placed and Rendering

Favicon is a customizable icon associated with the webpage. It will display within the tab section of the browser. The creation of this favicon is simple, however, make sure it is rendered correctly to be easily identified by your visitor.

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Get your Services from the finest Boston Web Design Agency

This was a complete list of all things that need to be checked before launching a website in Boston or anywhere else. Hope this will help! Website development covers many things and you may have skipped many before reading this article. Hence, to avoid this situation, get your best web design services in Boston from TopNotch Innovative Technologies. We have skilled website designers and developers that help you to make a website that acts as an identity for your business.

Contact us at (888) 355-8880 to know more about our web design services in Boston.


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