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website redesigning

5 Significant Business Targets That You Can Achieve With Website Redesign

The websites have changed to a greater extent in the previous years. In the late 90’s it was very impressive to have a website but in 2000 every company was having a website. Majority of the websites were more than five-page brochure website. Now, your website is the true representation of your business and will…

Page Layout Google Algorithm – All You Need to Know Before Redesigning Your Website

Page Layout Google Algorithm – All You Need to Know Before Redesigning Your Website

Updates are important! Search engines like Google send updates after a certain period to make things better and functional. Those who don’t follow and don’t upgrade their system can face problems in further functioning. Today, we will be talking about the Google algorithm update related to page layout. The following post will tell you all…

UI and UX designers

The Difference Between UI/UX Designers and Web Designers

The terms UX design, UI design, and web designer are thrown around so often these days and even used interchangeably. Yet, many people don’t have a detailed explanation of what these skills entail. If you hope to build a career in this field or want to hire someone with these skills, it only makes sense…

A Website Security Guide for Small Business Owners

Use These Tips to Secure Your Website Against Hackers

Cyber-attacks are a terrifying threat in today’s world. What’s even more worrisome is that 43% of those attacks prey on small businesses. This risk only seems to grow as technology advances and hackers get more creative. Even worse, the field of cybersecurity seriously lacks professionals with the skill set to combat the attacks. This is…

how to get to the top of Google search rankings

Will Redesigning Your Website Help You Rank on Google?

Your website should be carefully designed with two audiences in mind: Google (or alternative search engines) and the internet user. Yet, with each update, that gap closes – as Google is highly dedicated to providing the best user experience possible. Thus, a gripping design with cool features may not be fully appreciated by the search…

Website Design Trends That Will Persist in 2019

Website Design Trends That Will Persist in 2019

With the final months of 2018 approaching, web designers and digital marketers alike are re-evaluating their strategies. Many significant changes have occurred in the industry this year, like the Google Speed Update and Mobile First Indexing. It’s safe to say that speed, mobile use, and ease of access are the common themes that will persist…