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how to get to the top of Google search rankings

Will Redesigning Your Website Help You Rank on Google?

Your website should be carefully designed with two audiences in mind: Google (or alternative search engines) and the internet user. Yet, with each update, that gap closes – as Google is highly dedicated to providing the best user experience possible. Thus, a gripping design with cool features may not be fully appreciated by the search…

Website Design Trends That Will Persist in 2019

Website Design Trends That Will Persist in 2019

With the final months of 2018 approaching, web designers and digital marketers alike are re-evaluating their strategies. Many significant changes have occurred in the industry this year, like the Google Speed Update and Mobile First Indexing. It’s safe to say that speed, mobile use, and ease of access are the common themes that will persist…

How to Do WordPress Site SEO

How to Do WordPress Site SEO Without SEO Plugin

What if we tell you that you can do WordPress SEO without plugins? Yes, you heard it right! Today we will be sharing how you can perform the SEO without a WordPress SEO plugin. Note down one thing; we are not here to discourage you from SEO, instead we will tell you how to do…

Web Design Software, Tools For 2019

Best Web Design Software, Tools, and Free Resources For 2019

Best Web Design Software, Tools, and Free Resources For 2019 To 48% of consumers, a website’s design speaks for the credibility of the business. What do you think? Clearly, design is a powerful instrument that helps to make a statement about the company or designer. Perhaps that is why you are here. Are you looking…

How to convert a website from http to http

Conversion of A WordPress Website from HTTP to HTTPS – A Helpful Guide

Websites are either running on HTTP or HTTPs. Now, Google has confirmed that your ranking will not suffer when you shift from HTTP to HTTPS. July 2018 was the last date set for the HTTPs implementation. The company further instructed that for an HTTP domain, Chrome address bars will have a label of “not secure”.…

6 Key Reasons to Redesign Your Website

6 Key Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Today online marketing is driving the business. Businesses are also trying their best to have better interactions and collaboration with their customers and visitors on their website. They provide complete details and guidelines regarding their products and services. A website is needed to run things in a smooth way. With the passage of time, the…