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Do you intend to get a head-start when beginning your own business? Or even continuing your old one by integrating your business with E-Commerce? Instead of making things intricate and using other Shopping cart software like Magnento etc.  WordPress has way better options for you; the WordPress E-Commerce Plugins. Which ones to use? Read below to find out our top picks for E-Commerce Plugins.

  • Woo Commerce

It’s quite doubtful that anyone already working in the E-Commerce business would be unaware of this name, and that have all the reason to be not unaware of this mighty E-Commerce WordPress Plugin. Woo-Commerce having a whopping 1 million downloads worldwide and having an amazing rating of 4.5 Stars out of 5 can easily claim that it is the best WordPress E-Commerce Plugin there is. Now we can’t really use an E-Commerce plugin just on the basis of on paper statistics, can we? Other than the stats, here’s a quick look at the attributes of Woo-Commerce.

One of the major Pro for WooCommerce is that it is kind of an all-rounder when it comes to selling products online. It can sell digital as well as physical products online with almost the same efficiency. You can sell and display digital products like images, Softwares, Designs and physical products like Shirts, Tools or anything out of your stock. Like the people behind WooCommerce like to say, “Sell anything, anywhere”

  • Easy Digital Downloads

It is very difficult to find everything in one Ecommerce Plugin, Easy Digital Downloads is only for the stores who have digital goods to sell, be it images, software or any non-digital product Easy Digital Downloads is the plugin for you. Talking about statistics before we can jump on to the possibilities of this plugin. On papers, it has an unbelievable rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 and with 50,000+ downloads you know these numbers are genuine.

When it comes to practicality, Easy Digital Downloads say no less than its ratings.  With EDD, enjoy customizing your digital online store including a very well designed cart system, different payment gateways, support up to 25 different languages, promotional code system integration and a customizable purchase receipts.

  • WP eCommerce

Having an above average rating of 3.4stars and above 50,000 downloads, WordPress eCommerce is also one of the best WordPress Ecommerce Plugin there is, making it a great plugin for Ecommerce integrations.

Features such as Built in marketing tools, Easy Customizations, availability of tutorials to get you going and a simple interface are the features that add up to make WP eCommerce a recommended WordPress E-Commerce Plugin. But these aren’t even the major boasting factor for this Plugin, the main plus point for this ecommerce Plugins WordPress allows its users to customize HTML and CSS which gives you a full control over the look of your online store.

  • iThemes Exchange: Simple WP Ecommerce

Statistically speaking, iThemes Exchange: Simple WP Ecommerce, has not many downloads but still a considerable amount of active people using it daily making up the number up-to over 3000, and giving it an overall rating of 3.8. Well, how genuine the rating is can be arguable because of the comparatively lesser number of people using it, but still it sure is one of the best there is to offer. Simplicity is basically what brings this WordPress E-Commerce Plugin in this list, iThemes Exchange: Simple WP Ecommerce is a plug and play kind of plugin. You just have to install it and activate it. Cons are it only allows you to get paid with PayPal and strips, but again it makes it way simpler and less complicated for people who don’t know payment methods other than these.

  • Shopp

Shopp, having a fairly countable users of 5000+ and a good, above average rating of 3.7Stars is also one of the top picks of this list. Alike plug ins discussed prior to this, Shopp is also an E-Commerce WordPress Plugin, used all over the world for similar purposes. Along with a lot of remarkable features, it allows you to have separate tables in database to make the online store search way faster, it also makes it way less complicated when separate tables are used.

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