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9 Things Every Modern Web Developer Must Know




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Constantly, writing codes for the developers is a hard job. This blog would be an exciting time span for the modern web developers who every second day face new challenges. One of the main reasons behind this challenging time is evolution of new devices and browsers that lead them to research for number of resources to build web apps in a row. 

But the developers, who don’t know up-to-date principles, skills and languages to create stunning apps should count on as they need it now. 

Full-Stack JavaScript 

Full-stack JavaScript is and always will be the hot skill that web developer needs to be expert at. Now you must be thinking that you are a pro full stack javascript developer. You know how to write the jQuery. You know the languages that quickly turns into a robust tool for robots, servers, web browsers and devices as well. If you will learn this, you would avoid wasting time diving into asynchronous functional programming and prototype based programming. You also need to learn the core set JavaScripts frameworks and libraries.

FrameWork For Web Development

There are multiple C#, Python, PHP, Ruby and Java frameworks designed to make the custom website development way more fun and easy to work. These frameworks will help you get more things done in the shortest time period. You may opt for one of these and learn it completely until you excel in this. Only then, you will be able to build multi-featured web apps that will be compatible with all web browsers and servers. 

HTML and CSS Learning In Practice

Don’t be tricked by the web developers and designers who say HTML and CSS learning is easy. No, it’s not ! Those who have learned it in detail would never say it a piece of cake. If you know the basics of HTML and CSS, still you need to master the HTML5 and CSS3 to create a fast and amazing experience in browsers. That’s the reason why front-end developers (also known as user-experience (UX) are earning higher payroll than server-sided developers nowadays. And quite rightly, UX engineering is difficult to learn. 

Product Management & Development

According to different web design and development company surveys, we came across one common lament that developers who work in their companies lack product sensibilities. They are not knowledgeable enough and skilled to build the great products with great codes. 

In general, product management includes the ability to understand business objectives, manage a project, embrace agile workflows, and listen effectively to users to tweak a product accordingly. Writing in a check box versus a radio button, for example, is a business decision. Developers need to learn how to carefully make these kinds of decisions to make the job of full-time product manager less difficult.

Learn From Github

Version control of your code is essential, and Git has won the day among the web developer community. It is a go-to tool for collaboration, record-keeping and incorporation with deployment processes. If you are just getting started, we would highly recommend GitHub Tutorials for trying social coding.

Tdd development Methodology

BDD business driven development is the process of writing tests and trifocal before you write the code in your app- which has extensive coverage at both micro and macro levels. If you are not having experience of TDD and BDD technology in the modern evolving era of web development, then soon you will be removed from the applicant pool for a job. Hence, the BDD business driven development is necessary to become a modern web developer. You may use Wikipedia article on BDD to learn about these terms. 

Web Caching Strategies

Great user experience on the web comes with great speed. Developers rarely design and implement a decent caching strategy. There are multiple reasons to slowing down of the internet speed and annoy the users. Such examples include File system and unnecessary number of calls to a database. These examples must be brought into attention by the web developers to find how to get maximum data in memory on a reasonable price and get the cache at the file system to make calls at a database.

According to the modern web caching strategies, there are built in ways to use memory and file system caching. If you don’t know those tactics take extra time to learn how to do this even if you are not having increased number of traffic.

Json Web Development

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is the dominant language of automated communication between services on the web today. Due to its increased demand modularization as service-oriented architectures, JavaScript frameworks have become prevalent. Therefore, developers should know both how to create their own APIs and how to work with them. 

Devops Training Online

Web developers need to be familiar with rapidly growing set of computing technologies for designing, scaling, migrating, testing, optimizing, continuously integrating and deploying code in the cloud. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the term DevOps- is the merged set of tasks that exists between the old-school roles of  “IT professional” and “ developer”. Microsoft, Google, Amazon and other number of tech gurus have remarkable set of web services available for developers. 

The best way to accelerate your skills is to learn directly from practicing developers who offer devops training online courses and tutorials. So waiting for what? Search for tutorials and articles in the languages, frameworks of interest, and libraries and prepare yourself to enter the field.


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