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Having a well-designed and user-friendly website can drive traffic and keep your visitors engaged with your content. However, it can hurt you back if you don’t have a website up to the expectations of your customer. If you don’t have an answer to when was the last time you redesign your website? So, you should reconsider your thoughts about redesigning your website. A website design should always revolve around the means of your business and the needs of your audience. 

If you’ve been ignoring the reason that it’s time to redesign your website, here’s the truth for you. People who generally make online purchases, prefer to subscribe to your newsletter, might visit your place or Google your Business. The fact tells about 87% of online shoppers to do their product research before they make a purchase. As a top web development agency in Boston, we always consider facts and figures. Another essential fact to consider is that the average human attention duration has been reduced to about 8 seconds. So, it’s a must to have a website design that can quickly grab the attention of the Visitors. 

Visitors will leave your website in a matter of seconds if it doesn’t reflect the services you offers. Your site took too long to load and after that, visitors are unable to find what they’re looking for. A website design is the heartbeat of your business and at the very least. Your website should have these features: easy to find & navigate and easy on the eyes. We have listed the top 9 reasons you can access that you need to update the design of your website.

1. Your Website is Visually Old-Styled

A website is like a blind date for a user; don’t let your first impressions become the last. The reality is that a visitor will not click around your site or scroll if they didn’t find anything appealing. If your website was made in the previous decade and it still looks like that, then you guess what is right it’s time for a website redesign. A non-updated website shows that you are not aware of the current trends. More importantly, it shows you didn’t realize the importance of online appearance.

A website should be upgraded, the same way a retailer upgrades the front of its store. Moreover, if your competitor has just launched a new website, then that will surely look much more attractive than your site. This can result in you losing your potential traffic and leads because the customer has no idea about your services. Staying competitive is necessary for your brand’s success, and much of it commences with a website that delivers on the potential of your brand.

2. A Text Loaded Site

Having a text-loaded site comes under the umbrella of an outmoded site. We live in a visual world so your site should have more images, icons, and graphics than words. Take the example from a plain textbook to a comic book. The majority of users don’t like to scroll through a text-loaded site. Extensive text is not only uneasy on the eyes but it also gets overwhelming. Because maybe the message you were trying to convey, got misread or unread.

Moreover, a text-loaded site can block your visitors from finding your CTAs. This means what you want to make a visitor do on your site for example; Sign up to receive a free consultation or Download an EBook. 

3. Difficult to Navigate

There are some important pages on your website that should always be found easily by a visitor. For instance, what your business does (About us), what your business offers (Products or Services), and who or where to contact (Contact Us or Support). If these basic pages are difficult to find, that’s a straightforward red flag that your site is in serious need of an update. A visitor comes to your site for a solution and he wants that solution rapidly.

Simple is that, if visitors are not able to find the pages, products, or solutions they are looking for, they will exit your site. This gives a chance to your competitor who has an advanced and updated site. A website that is difficult to navigate by a user is also difficult to navigate by google crawlers. Your Google ranking depends on the structure and information of the pages on your site. The easier it is for Google to crawl your website the more chances it will have to show up in relevant search queries.

4. Low Search Engine Rankings

Just Speaking of Google; the king of search engines. When people are looking for particular services or products, but don’t have anyone who offers what they’re looking for, they turn to the search engines. As a business, you should make every effort to show up in the top results on the first page of the search results. Fact says about 95% of internet users who do Google searches don’t click past the first page. Because Google shows them the most relevant result on the 1st page so nobody bothers to shift on the next pages.

Somehow, if you have lower search engine rankings, then it’s time to consider a website redesign. You can’t improve your ranking by simply adding a bunch of keywords. Instead, Google penalizes these sites. The best strategy is to add basic and relevant information with the best web design

5. You Can’t Update Content Easily

If you come across usual difficulty with your backend system. Every time you want to add a page, picture, or insert a new copy. Then it will be almost impossible for you to fulfill your business and audience requirements. So it is crucial you can always make quick and easy changes to your website. It’s 2022, website changes are easy and simpler than ever before. 

Moreover, you can develop a new website on a content management system. CMS like WordPress or Shopify is user-friendly and even allows newbies to publish the content and posts easily. As you shift your site to a new CMS, you will also have the opportunities to redesign your site that includes a better user experience. Moreover, you can rely on the top web development agency in Boston to set up the best website for you. We are a design and development agency based in Boston and can provide you with the best services of Boston web design.

6. Low Conversions, High Bounce Rate

If visitors are coming to your site, but are not performing any of the actions you want them to take. You’ve possibly noticed a low conversion rate. Whether you run an eCommerce site where your goal is to get consumers to make a purchase or an informational site where your goal is to get visitors to sign up to receive your exclusive content, you want your visitors to convert. If they’re not, it’s most likely because your site needs to be redesigned.

Users coming to your site or not being able to find what they’re looking for or your site is a complete turn-off. Each way, low conversions, and high bounce rates are unfavorable to your business. The more time a visitor spends on a time is an indication that they are interested in your items. This increases your chances of having a sale or even if they don’t buy because of the significant time they spent. It has already increased your brand awareness and their chances to come again. However, this can’t be achieved with an outdated site.

7. Slow Load Time

Just from the fact mentioned above, you have only 8 seconds to impress and grab the attention of the visitor. Here you can highlight special offers, important CTAs, and engaging content. But before that according to google your website should load in under 2 seconds to achieve the goals. If you aren’t sure about your site loading speed you can check it from Google Page Speed Insight and GT Metrix. If the result is unsatisfying it is time to redesign simpler and more accurate designs. A design that should increase the page loading speed.  

Somehow, if your content is not going to load quickly, you know he will not stay for more than 8 seconds. He will hit the back button and will go to another site probably of your biggest competitor. Instead, if you have a good functioning website that loads in under 3 seconds. It will leave you with 5 whole seconds to engage your targeted viewers. Slow load time is toxic and kills conversions and views. Nevertheless, websites that aren’t loaded at a fast speed need a redesign.

8. Doesn’t Reflect Company’s Mission 

If your business’s goals, services offering, or overall mission has changed, that should also be reflected on your website as well. If it doesn’t, it’s time for a website redesign. Your website is a global store for the representation of your company. When a customer walks into a store, they should be able to recognize what type of business it is, the same logic applies to your website.

The visitors of your site should be able to easily find your offerings. For every new offering, you certainly need to add new pages and improve others, especially the home page. So, this is an appropriate time to go for a website redesign. It is necessary to showcase your vision most decently on your website. This will allow your users to have a better understanding of your services.

9. Not Mobile Responsive

Nowadays, the majority of mobile searches are made through mobile devices. This means a mobile responsive site is no longer an option; it’s a must requirement of the modern world. Somehow, even in 2022, some sites aren’t responsive and show pathetically on mobile devices. Do you think the user experience of such a site can impress the audience? Any prospect that lands on a non-mobile responsive site from their smartphone are going to bounce back in a second. Check out this amazing list to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Moreover, up to 80% of all internet traffic happens on mobile devices. In recent times, this even surpasses the time spent on the desktop, so you should be there where your traffic is. People want information upfront and fast.

Best Web Development Agency in Boston

We are sure after reading these points. You have to realize the importance of having the best user-friendly web design for your site.

If you are facing any of the above-listed issues then redesigning your website is not going to be a small undertaking.

Before the planning of design, you should also have a smooth development process to support your web design. If you don’t have the answer to these queries; what’s missing? What can be improved? You can always rely on the expertise of a design and development agency like us.

Hope our efforts will be helpful. Still, if you are mixed up about how to make your website design responsive and scalable, then contact the experts of web development and web design in Boston. Call us directly at (888) 355-8880 to get a free quote in a matter of time. We are one of the top-rated Boston web design experts and can completely revamp your website for improved responsiveness, scalability, and ease of navigation. This will overall reduce the bounce rate of your site and increase traffic by 10 folds.


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