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8 UX Principles for Improving Product Design




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As a designer, if you think that UX design for apps is not important, then you are moving on the wrong track. User Experience (UX) is one of the essential aspects of an app. This will decide how the user will interact with app functionality. No matter what, how proper the app functionality is, if the app user experience design is bad, then the user will leave it sooner or later.

Irrespective of the fact, either you are starting the career or are established professional, you can take benefits from UX principles when building a website or a product. In the following blog, we were discussing the UX design principles for websites that will help you to redefine your apps. Let’s get started:

1- Proper Understanding

Proper understanding along with the digestibility is very essential for the good design. When a user is using an app, then he is not able to discover the product. You need to ensure that the user understands the thing easily and properly navigate across the page. In addition to this, the navigation menu should have a good number of elements. If you are planning to put a long list of features on the menu, then this will only confuse the users.

Moving on, you should place the content in the proper way so that it can be understood easily by the user. You should be guiding your users about your app or services so that they should not leave it soon. If the audience leaves the app soon, then this will increase your bounce rate.

2- Fulfilling the User’s Requirements

Keeping user’s need on top in the priority list is very important. Throughout the entire process, you have to keep your focus on the user. To begin the work, you should look at the app from the user perspective. You should do user testing, extensive mobile app testing, or use different methods to get an idea about the user’s needs. When you will get closer to the user’s needs, then this will help you to improve your design. In most cases, developers are not giving importance to the users that leads to a design that the user will not need.

3- User’s Mental Model

You need to use the user’s mental model to ensure that your UX design is in accordance with the needs of the user. The interface should not be made on your instincts or gut feeling instead it should provide ease to the users. Every button placement should be having the purpose and should fulfill the needs of users as a part of app UX design process. Remember that bad design makes the user clicks on the button in anticipation of completing the task but that end up in the different thing. As a designer, it is your duty to avoid this practice.

4- Trust is the Key

Trust in UX design is one of the critical parts of the entire design. With this, you will convince your user to perform a certain action within your app. The users will instantly quit if they are asked to do something unusual. It is a known fact that the internet is full of hackers, malicious actors, and scripts. With all this in mind, most of the users are very careful when using any kind of app.

For instance, apps like Uber are growing because they have made it safe for people to book a taxi and travel. With an app, the taxi industry is revolutionized.

5- Know Your Position in Design Process

Being a UX designer, you may feel overwhelmed with all the decision you are making. The design process will become complex and pretty fast but to avoid this scenario, you need to know your position in the whole design process. When you will be using the right design process tool for the right phase in your design process, then this will help you to eliminate your problems.

6- Clear Approach

You should be clear in your approach. One of the key elements of a good design is that it should be clear in all possible ways. For instance, the pricing page should give a clear understanding of the things the app is offering. You should know that no user will click on the buy button if they don’t know what they are actually going to get at the end of the day. It is also very important to make things clear for the users. Remember that you should have a simple and precise approach. This will provide you the ability to provide value to your users.

If you are looking to make your app UX better with proper clarity, then you should avail app development services from the experienced companies in your area.

7- Clear Hierarchy

A clear UX design hierarchy will make your product navigation easy. For example, if you are going to start a blog, you need to ensure that your audience can navigate easily. It is very important to provide smooth navigation to your users.

Furthermore, in some products, finding customer support is not an easy thing to do. If this is the case, then this will create a problem for your customer to get answers. 

8- Consistency is Must

Without any doubt, consistency in user interface design is more appealing for the users. It is one of the fundamental pillars on which a fundamental design stands. This design not only looks good but also makes it easy for the end-user to learn about the product quickly. In addition to this, a consistent design will improve user learning and also will understand the design in a better way.


Hope these eight tips will help you to improve your product design. But if you are looking to hire professional designers to make your website UX better, then you can get in touch with TopNotch Innovative Technologies to get a free estimate for Boston web design services. Hire the experts as they will design your UX by following trends and also tell you the elements that are missing from your website.


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