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7 Best Software Tools for Web Designing in 2022




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The old-school internet user will remember the time when the only way to make a website was by hiring an expert. This expert has the Best skills in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to make something custom for you. Don’t get us wrong, web designing is still an incredible rising industry. After the rise of the pandemic of COVID-19, businesses of all types & sizes have to pay more attention to their online presence. Eventually, made web design the most trending industry ever. So, there can’t be a better opportunity for web designers to do what they do best.

That’s is why we’ve put together a list of the 7 best web design software tools. This list is made by following the reviews and experience of our expert professional of web design in Boston. This will surely make finding the right tool for you and make web design much more fun and easier for you. 

Thankfully, now adapting web design as a hobby or career has become more accessible. Either you’re a newcomer searching to understand the latest web design software tools. Whether you’re an expert at web design looking to keep up with the latest trends of the market. A huge range of resources is available online to help you grow and gain knowledge.

Selecting the Best Web Design Software Tool

Whether you are going to download or buy a web design software license, there are a few important points you must consider. First, remember that there is no such tool that can cover all the aspects of web design. So, it is important to make enough budget to afford multiple software tools. While somehow, there are free options that can help you learn the basics of web design. It’s easy to upgrade them as you improve your skills and start exploring advanced concepts. This concept includes user experience, user interface design, and user testing.

Secondly, you should consider whether a web design software tool will suit the flow of your work. Almost every good latest tool will offer integrations with other software tools like Slack, and some will even integrate with other web design tools to make it easy to work on different aspects of your designs. 

Let’s take a look at the trending web design software tools on the market in 2022 and how they can help you improve your web design skills. You can learn more about the industry, demand, and the services of web design in Boston. This will help you to excel to the next level in your career.

1. Figma

Figma is an amazing tool for anyone who wants to work on designing skills without worrying about how they’d code them. With Figma, you get a variety of tools to help you create responsive websites. It also helps you create web design elements, reusable components you can copy across different web pages. Even a collection of design assets that you can drag ‘n’ drop into your designs.

Figma is purposely designed for collaboration, which makes this platform more accessible whether you’re working in a design team or you want to get feedback from a senior and boss. 

Best for Low and high-fidelity designs

Pricing: Free to $45/month

Available for: Windows and Mac OS, with live preview apps for iOS and Android

2. Sketch

The sketch is another amazing drag’n’drop web design software tool that helps web designers to build outstanding designs without implanting any kind of coding. One of the best features that Sketch provides is the ability to zoom in on any object or element down to the pixel level, so you’re able to align every part of your design perfectly. 

Whether you’re a freelancer who works alone or you work with a team, Sketch’s collaborative component library makes it accessible to create unique components and even update them separately while you’re designing. The sketch is widely loved by designers because it’s natural, organized, and easy to learn. 

Best for Low and High-Fidelity Web Designs 

Pricing: $9/month or $99/year or with a 30-day free trial

Available for: Web and Mac OS, with live preview apps for iOS

3. Adobe XD

Because many experienced web designers have been using Photoshop for years to create designs, logos & mock-ups. Looking at the demand, Adobe released XD in 2019 as a complete vector-based web design software tool. For every designer, who is familiar with Photoshop, chances are he will surely get along great with Adobe XD, but surprisingly for an Adobe product, it doesn’t have a massive learning curve for new designers.

One of its most robust features is that XD works with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch files. So, if you’re a designer who loves using Photoshop for mock-ups, you can quickly import your designs into XD, and vice versa.

Best for Low and High-Fidelity Web Designs 

Pricing: $9.99/Month with a 7 Day Free Trial

$52.99/Month for the Full Creative Suite ( Adobe Dreamweaver & Photoshop)

Available for: Windows and Mac OS

4. Balsamiq

Balsamiq is a unique tool for anyone looking to learn more about building user interfaces and enhancing user experience. It’s a quick low-fidelity wireframing tool that makes it quick and easy to draft up multiple styles. You can improve your interfaces without getting held up in details about colors, fonts, and other elements of design that come later in the process. Whether you’re new to web design or you’re looking to learn more about user interface design. Balsamiq has one of the minimal learning curves of any web design software tool. Its features allow you to create responsive sites that can surely help you reduce the bounce rate of your site.

Best For Wireframing & Designing User Interfaces

Pricing: $9 To $199/Month for Balsamiq Cloud

A One-Time Fee of $89/User For Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop

Available For: Web, Windows, Mac OS

5. Google Web Designer

When you’re thinking about starting a career in web design, obviously you don’t want to pay out for a web design software tool. Google Web Designer is designed to work with Google Ads and Google Display & Video 360. It is a great FREE tool to get started with. Not only is it free, but it runs on HTML5, which is one of the easiest coding languages to learn and implement.

Compared to other software tools on this list, Google Web Designer is considered more basic. You’re limited to creating only graphic design elements rather than fully custom designs web pages. The number of animations & transitions you can use is also restricted. Google Web Designer becomes a handy software tool to use when you’re new and looking to get some practical experience with web design.

Best for Creating motion graphic elements

Pricing: Free tool for designing 

Available for: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

6. Justinmind

Justinmind is an all-in-one app prototyping platform designed to help web designers create user-friendly and intuitive apps for all types of devices. It’s one of the most beginner-friendly web design software tools available in the current market tools. It also gives you a wide range of learning resources to help you learn and understand UX design much quicker.

One of the best advantages of using Justinmind is its pre-installed UI kits that help you prototype apps for iOS and Android as well.

Best for Prototyping Web & Mobile Apps

Pricing: $19–$39/month, with some free tools available

Available for: Windows & Mac OS, with Live Preview Apps for Android & IOS

7. InVision Studio

InVision Studio is one of the newest collaborative prototyping tools available, and at only $7.95/month for their pro plan, it’s one of the most competitively priced tools out there. One of the best things about InVision Studio is that it supports a ton of different integrations for your existing design suites, such as Sketch, Photoshop, and even productivity tools like Slack and Trello.

Best for Cloud-based collaborative prototyping

Pricing: Free to $7.95/month

Available for: Web

Best web design software tools in 2022

This is probably the best time to get in and enhance your skills in web designing. Even if you’re experienced with web design but still stick to any of the old techniques. We are sure after reading this you will realize that they are so many options are out there to optimize your workflow, improve your designs, and even help you to user test your wireframes and prototypes.

We hope these tools will surely help to enhance your design skills. Somehow, if you have a new online startup or small business and you are confused about how to make your website design responsive and scalable. You can get the services of the best web design in Boston. TopNotch Innovative Technologies to get your project designed and responsive in no time. Call us directly at (888) 355-8880 to get a free quote for the best design for your site. We have a team of highly-rated Boston web design who can provide expert guidance for you help that can completely improve the performance of your website.


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