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6 Best Web Design Practices for Online Success in 2022




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Nowadays, everyone has realized the importance of setting up their businesses online. Almost every business is focusing to increase its digital presence.  This helps them to present their products and services in front of their target audiences to get more transactions. Most people usually start by setting up a website in the first place. However, only setting up a website alone does not guarantee it will be beneficial for your business. 

Somehow, your website is the front of your shop where customers will make quick opinions about your service. So, it is important to make the best first impression. The site must have a clean design, simple & easy navigation, be mobile responsive, and have instant answers to your audience’s questions or needs. Your website is your global shop, the more attractive and accessible it will be the more potential customer you can get for your business.

Planning of Web Design

You must have an effective and the best relevant web design that should provide a specific message along with engaging the visitor. The elements that are compulsory to make the best website design require consistency and the best implementation of colors, typography, imagery, simplicity, and functionality. Although many other factors are also important to consider when designing a website that will influence the best thought of your product/service. A well-designed website can help build trust and raise the number of visitors who can take action. 

Here are some guidelines to consider, that we use when we plan our new web project. We have put our best efforts into these factors which take us to the list of the finest web design company in Boston. Let’s take a look at our web design best practices for an online business that will ensure the success of your website in 2022.

1. Ensure Attractive and Clean Design

The main key is that your website should be pleasing to the eyes and the content shouldn’t be too overwhelming.  We know that it is easy to overthink the ideas that your audience needs. However, it’s important to not overwhelm people with an explosion of images and copy. You should make your website easy and enjoyable for your users with a simple clean design and relevant content.

The best way to do this is to create a visual hierarchy. It’s is about making ready all the major design elements of a website in order of importance. Take this for example, if a headline is large, contrasting in different hues, and centered on a page. These will be more important factors to come across rather than something smaller and not uniquely colored. It’s also helpful to utilize the white space effectively.

2. A Consistent Brand Identity

Your website design should be an exact representation of your business. A strong brand identity is a must for your online success. So, it is important for you to maintain the consistency of your brand across all customer touchpoints. Consistency in the color scheme of your logo, typography, and theme of the website is important. The same can be said for your brand’s tone of voice and key messages.

The theme of your style, and tone should be generally consistent across your site. Make a point to expand on the formation you laid out while developing your brand image. Your brand will endeavor by giving importance to consistency, which will assist you with building a solid brand identity.

3. Mobile-first Approcach

A mobile responsive web design should be your top priority, not an afterthought. According to multiple trending kinds of research, mobile usage accounted for 70 percent of all Internet traffic in 2022. Knowing the figures how your target audience will interact with your content you should focus on creating a website that is design responsive for mobile-first and mobile-friendly.

 When you specify your design for mobile devices, there are some restrictions. The users will interact differently on a mobile device than they do on a desktop, and so on. These limits, on the other hand, can be useful. They result in a website that is well optimized and easier to understand. You can optimize every user experience separately with a mobile-first design, irrespective of how a user will engage with your content.
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4. Use Call to Actions (CTAs) effectively

Calls-to-actions (CTAs) encourage your customers to take action like buying a product, subscribing to content, or getting in touch to get more information. The main objections are addressed straightforwardly to the customers. After that, they can even change their minds anytime or add multiple items to their cart. Below are a few benefits of adding CTAs.

  • They instantly clear what’s being offered with the messaging entices users with the promise of delivering your best for them. This sets a stage for the user to respond to the call to action.
  • The main objections are addressed straightforwardly to the customers this provides the visitor the option to cancel the order at any time.
  • A prominent brightly colored CTA in a visible area where they will be easily recognizable by the users. This will give you a lot of potential conversions as clients will instantly begin to add their emails to this call to action button.
  • You’ll improve results on the off chance that you utilize a solid CTA as one of the significant website design best practices to inspire your clients to make a purchase.

5. Easy and Simple Navigation

Your website should not only look eye-catching but it should be functional and provide useful content to your visitor’s problems. Reaching the desired result on your site should be simple and not more than 3 clicks away. Your navigation and buttons should be prominent so users can explore the website naturally.

There are many ways to do this and make the best user friendly web design for your users:

  • Use simple language: It is better to use simple effective terms like “About” and “Contact” in your navigation. Don’t try too hard to use exceptional words just for the sake of doing something unique, as it could confuse your users.
  • Shape your navigation: You may need limited navigation links if you have a website with minimal content. With plenty of content; you will surely need to add more detailed navigation. Information & explained mega menus give your users an easy path to find the information they need when there’s so much content is there to look at.
  • Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs track, shows a user where they are currently on a website. This allows them to easily return to a previous page by repeating their steps. Breadcrumbs are especially beneficial for sites such as e-commerce shops.
  • If you make it simpler for users to navigate your website, you’ll not only make it pleasant for them but create a clear path to conversion.

6. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Adding the best practices of SEO for your website will help you get more visibility. Focusing on SEO of your website also helps you get a high-ranking placement on search engine results pages and reduce your marketing costs. The proper implementation of targeted keywords throughout the content of your website is a good way to start. Search engines such as Google or Bing rank sites for relevant keywords searched by users. The more relevant your content speaks to the intent your users are after, the more organic traffic you will get.

Here are some additional ways to optimize your website for search engines:

  • Responsive design: Designing responsively isn’t just limited to web design standards; it is rewarded with higher rankings by search engines; Google and Bing.
  • Right header tag (H1): A header tag will be the headline of a page or the title of a post. Search engines use H1’s as keywords, so keep in mind to include the most relevant things in your headline. 
  • Proper title tags and meta descriptions: Relevant title tags and meta descriptions allow search engines to understand the content on your page and index them quickly. 
  • Use short descriptive URLs: A simple URL that’s readable for humans, you can also add the focus keywords in them.

Hire the best web design company in Boston

We hope now you have a better understanding of how to make the most resilient website to drive the maximum amount of potential customers for online business. Make user-friendly design choices. You can also select from a wide range of the most popular UI UX design trends of 2022. By following the linked trends you can make the user experience as clear, engaging, and easy as possible. 

At TopNotch, our senior team of designers has helped our clients with every step of the website design and web development process. We always focus to ensure that their website is optimized and producing the desired result they were after. We also ensure that a key message of the brand should be used to make the design choices. So if you want any kind of help and services for your next web design project; feel free to contact us, we are always available to give our valued customers with best services of web design in Boston. You can get in touch by giving a call at (888) 355-8880.


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