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5 Significant Business Targets That You Can Achieve With Website Redesign




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The websites have changed to a greater extent in the previous years. In the late 90’s it was very impressive to have a website but in 2000 every company was having a website. Majority of the websites were more than five-page brochure website.


Now, your website is the true representation of your business and will help you to attract more audience if you are having all things in place. Furthermore, you are not only going to use it only for the sake of selling your products or services. In addition to this, a proper website redesign benefits your business by achieving five important business goals as listed below:


1- Enhancing Brand Awareness and Reputation

A website can really lift up your brand reputation and you can use it to spread awareness among your audience. But if you are going to handle the things properly, then it will damage your reputation as well. It is a fact that if your website is not up to the mark, then the audience will not have a good opinion about your company. According to a study, 38% of the people will stop to engage with the website due to poor content and unattractive layout. It is obvious that no one will like to trust a company that is not even having its own great website design.


Bad website means bad reputation: Reputation plays an important role in uplifting your business identity. It can make or break your identity in the market. It is pretty obvious that if you are planning to hire a plumber, then you will select it from a website with easy navigation instead of making a hiring from a website of 1997. Moreover, brand reputation management is significant for your business to become an important part of the market.So it is clear that having a good looking and functional website is a must.


Furthermore, you also need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly because most people use their mobile phone to browse the websites. If your website is not scalable, then the visitors who are not able to view your products or services will not come back to you again instead they will go to your competitor.


According to Google estimates, 61% of the users will not be visiting the website again who are not mobile-friendly and 40% will be visiting the competitor instead.


Good Website Increases Awareness: A good website is a sure way for increasing brand awareness. You can do this in two ways:


1- You can properly educate your users on the products and services to attract more traffic. A decent company website will make it clear for the audience what they are selling, how they are selling, and how it will benefit the user.


2- When developing your website you should ensure that it is constructed as per the SEO rules. This should be one of your website redesign objectives. If you are not making your website SEO friendly, then this will not help you to rank your website higher on the search engines. You should improve your SEO-friendliness of your website, update it with fresh content, go for link building, develop the great layout, and make it mobile friendly as discussed above.


Why it is very important? It is important because 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. When you will be ranking higher in the search engines, then you will get more potential customers for your website. This all will be possible when you are having a user-friendly web design.


Protect Your SEO Content: Remember that when you are going to redesign your website, then you might lose your domain authority or high ranking SEO content. You should take steps prior to redesigning your website to protect your SEO and construct an SEO friendly website design structure for long term benefits. 


To do so, you should come up with a detailed plan of content on a website. In addition to this, you should run an audit of your current website and see what is working, review your back link, and much more to know about your website.


2- Be an Industry Leader



Next, on the list, a good website will help your company to position themselves as an industry leader. Another way to rank higher is by creating well-researched, interesting resources, and informative blog posts and white papers. But don’t forget to have a visually appealing web design.


Education through Blog: Every company will be having a blog or resource section that will be providing meaningful content to the consumers. Remember that your blog will contribute to an effective digital marketing strategy around your content creation. Blogging on your website is one of the best ways to give you a platform for creating engaging content and driving more traffic for your website. In addition to this, with an effective website design, you can add slideshows, whitepapers, videos, images, and much more to grab the attention of your audience.


If you are not paying attention to the blog section on your company, then it will be similar to an old-fashioned PR to share the information about research and new services. But when you are having a functional blog section, then you can have control over the things and you can control your narrative that will help you to become an industry leader.


3- Convert your Prospects into Customers


Every business wants to attract more customers to get a high conversion rate. But most of the companies are still not paying much attention to the website as a sales tool. Remember that even if your customers are not buying from the website, then still it should be used as a tool in the customer journey.


A properly designed website is like a newspaper or a billboard ad. It should be attractive and engaging for selling to customers. Without any doubt, you will get traffic of potential customers but it is better to educate them about your product or services instead of selling them. In this way, you can tell your customers about your product, your services, and what your services will do, and how they are different from your competitors. As a result, your prospects will become your customers.


Things do not stop here. You can further help them down the website sales funnel by providing a FAQs section that helps them to overcome their common issues. With this, you will be providing them with all the information they need and they don’t have to call the customer support center to inquire about anything. So keeping all this in view, a great website can be the best sales tool and this will be reflected in the growth of your e-commerce.


A/B Testing: This is a form of split testing that will help you to find the best converting solutions. Different tests can include the changing of a call to action colors or changing the image. The main idea here is to continuously improve website conversion rate. This method is very beneficial but still, most of the companies are not trying it.


Customer Journey-Sell Again: By redesigning your website, you can easily increase the lifetime value of your customers. With your website, you can get the user data for future marketing. A user doesn’t have to provide the data by only making a purchase. The user can provide the contact information by subscribing to the newsletter. After this, you can use this information to inform your customers about the offers, launching of new products or services.


4- Understand Your Audience Properly


Having a proper understanding of your customer should be one of the major goals for the businesses. If you have designed your website well, then it can help you to get a better understanding of your customers.


Analyze Analytics: To get a better understanding of your customers, you should use analytics platforms like Google Analytics. Keep one thing clear that you don’t need to redesign your website to add analytics. You can add it anytime on any website. Furthermore, you can build it in a way that analytics platform become useful for your business. If you are having more pages, then this will be beneficial for you. But remember that you should split different services or products into different pages.

Moving on, if you are looking to give your website a makeover or want to add any feature, then you should avail the website design services for satisfactory results.


Add Comment Section: If you are looking for a way to hear from your customer, then you can add a comment section on your blog pages. This will be the place where your customers will be sharing their thoughts. In addition to this, you can add a chat widget to instantly connect with your customer without sending them an email.

5- Enhance Customer Experience


Providing a great customer experience is very important for your business. With this, the company can improve its brand reputation, it will encourage a customer to remain loyal and avail more services from you along with purchasing more products. This element is very important because it will be one of the key factors in the final decision-making process.

Hope you will be achieving these five important business goals by redesigning your website. To get professional assistance, you can connect with TopNotch, a Boston web design agency to hire a professional web designer for a great impact within your market by having an appealing and attractive web design.


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