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5 Best Tips for Creating a Highly User Friendly Web Design




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In the early times, the users and even the website developer didn’t have any phrase to explain a well-made website. But nowadays, millions of websites are launching every month. The user has become more demanding when it comes to the functionality of the website. A User-friendly is the best term to reward a perfectly designed website. A website that helps users in making easy navigation through the pages of the sites.

In the era of advancement, nobody wants to see plain text or images on the browser. This is why good designers focus on making attractive unique designs. Apart from their creativity, these designs should be designed with the users in mind. This helps you to engage many users with your site. So, encouraging yourself to have a user-friendly website is a must these days.

TopNotch Innovative technology is the award-winning web design agency in Boston. We have shortlisted the top 5 best tips that you should focus on first to make the best user-friendly design for your website.

Put the User First

This point is the first best suggestion. Keeping the user in mind while designing helps you develop the visual and structural parts better. Every top web design agency in Boston or all around the world gives value to style over substance. So here is the thing, before adding any new graphic, element, or feature to your website. Always keep your user interaction in mind.

The best practice for that is to take some advice from your regular visitors. This direct input will help you understand what your visitors would like to see on the page. You can also figure out the missing or additional elements, which you might not see yourself. It’s your task now to take these reviews positively and implement them for giving your users the best experience.

Focus on Mobile Navigation 

Having a simple web design and development is not a new idea. We all know that we are living in a fast world. These days many users access websites directly from their smartphones. According to the latest research, about 83% of people use the internet through smartphones. The young generation, students, or even kids are spending more and more time accessing the Internet via their phones. One of the reasons is that the data costs come down and unlimited data is the standard.

With these facts in mind, establishing a responsive mobile-oriented layout becomes even more critical. Because this question is a new trend. Does your website look good on both desktop and mobile phones? It doesn’t necessarily have to look similar. The important thing is that mobile users can also see every detail without zooming in. Simple navigation is better than complex pages and repeating navigations. You can use a mobile-first design approach to make your design easy to navigate. It also makes it more responsive regardless of the device you are using.

Keep it Simple for Lighting Fast Loading

If your website is not loading in under 3 seconds or less, you’re going to lose visitors. Your users expect your website to load at lightning speed, even on mobile devices. About half of web users of the world say they expect a website to load within two seconds. Web users abandon a site that doesn’t load after three seconds. These further delays can convert them to your competitor and your bounce rate will increase. Indeed, loading speed does matter, so for the proper speed optimization of your site. You can rely on TopNotch as we are one of the finest web design agency in Boston. We provide the best services for web development and web design in Boston. Our services will surely help you in keeping the visitor always coming to your site. This allows them to see whether they can do business with you.

There are some helpful tools out there that will allow you to check your site speed, including GT Metrix and Google’s Page Speed Insights. These sites will also give you tips on how to increase your site speed. 

Beef up Your Content Game

If you don’t make your content straightforward for your site visitors.  The risk of losing the trust of those users increases. About half of the people state they believe wrong or incomplete is given on most of the websites. So avoid using dummy content and update unique content for your website Asap. The more useful and authentic information you give to a user the better it will be. This unique content makes the users stay and add credibility to your site.

Use writing techniques that are simple to read and understand. Don’t forget to add headers, subheadings, bullets, and other formatting techniques where necessary. When you provide authentic information decently and uniquely it shows you’re an expert in your field. It’s a piece of useful advice to understand the knowledge level of your audience. 

In the present day, people usually read less and accept more visual elements like photos and videos. Create the proper balance between text and images. Don’t overcrowd your site with images and use original images to avoid copyright issues.

Create Your Brand Recognition 

Choose the colors for your web design and logo carefully. You need a perfect balance between beauty and visually The choice of your color combination should make sense to your industry. The contrast you use should be easily visible and not spark in the eyes. Moreover, don’t make visitors look for your logo or brand identity. The logo should be placed in the top left corner of your website to help users easily identify your brand.

Take a brief review of psychology and its effects on human minds. This will surely be a beneficial tip for making the best possible user-friendly experience. Every element of your web design from images to gifs can be made according to the imagination in mind.

Make a User-Friendly website with a web design agency in Boston

By following these steps you can instantly make your website more user-friendly. But in a competitive market, it is the key to update the site with good UX and make improvements consistently. Every website needs a different design and flavor. The tools that are useful for an e-commerce site will differ from those that are useful for a blog.

Now you’ve surely known the basics of creating a user-friendly website. A site that is amazingly user-friendly should give a real joy to use. So, if you’re looking for a little support on the finer points, our web design experts in Boston are here to help. Contact the team at (888) 355-8880 to get a free quote on your project.


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