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5 Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development




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Unlike iOS coding language, programming languages for mobile app development are trending in this tech-oriented kingdom.

With the continuous development of mobile apps, 93% of an online audience has switched to the internet for business and surfing.

Hence, why so many mobile apps are being constantly developed.

Mobile app developers use multiple coding languages to keep everything seamless. They aim to provide the best to stay in the competition and get the maximum number of clients. Everyday Android app developers come up with a unique idea and seek the attention of internet users.

If you are looking for coding for your own mobile app, then you need to start with a good understanding of the best languages for making what really works.

Your business can be on top with an app development programming language in a challenging IT world. That is why businessmen keep embracing latest mobile technology trends. They invest in mobile apps and stay updated with an upcoming best programming language for apps that best suits with the nature of the application

Want to be on top????
We are here to teach you how to use mobile app programming. Our article will help you choose the best coding languages for your mobile app development, and also learn the best languages for app development.

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So, that by the end of the day, you’ll be an expert in best app development languages.

So, let’s begin!

Choose the best Programming language for Mobile APP


It is a comparatively friendly language for beginners and the most favorite language of mobile app developersmobile app developers. Most of the developers use Java to complete their extensive projects. Remember, there are three types of software developing Java languages (Java, JavaBeans, and JavaScript)despite the similarity in their names, Java is not related to JavaScript. It is popularly recognized as a separate language that can be used for mobile application development.

Java is considered a universal object-oriented language. Its limitations are not confined to Android mobile apps, but can also be used for games, web apps, server apps, and much more. It’s popular as the most viewed and searched language on Google.

It has remarkable features that make it user-friendly for programmers while keeping it easy to understand and learn. It supports Application Program Interface and can easily run on all platforms. Its benefits don’t just end here, it also has an integrated development environment suite where all combined basic tools will help you to write and test the software.

Adding more to the information, its codes can be edited and reused. Thus, making its coding error-free for developers for assessment by the single graphical user interface. With the help of Java Virtua Machine, codes are converted into other languages that computer can read and operate easily. Or if something is wrong with your code, it gives error messages on your operating system which makes it quite easier for beginners.

If you have future plans to develop an app for enterprises with a well-defined target, then Java is the best one to choose from.

2. C++

It is the most preferred and commanding programming language among global mobile app developers. It is a comprehensive version of C program and has been used as the best programming language for mobile app development whether Android or iOS.

Its massive library and efficient features have convinced top app development business companies to use its creative tools to create Photoshop, Google Chrome, Amazon, etc.

Although C++ is not easy to learn, we recommend our future developers to learn for the best. It will surely help you one day. Many developers have surpassed its difficult coding. So, you can too, as it is a flexible and versatile language.

Abovementioned, if you understand the use of C programming language, it will become your favorite software developments in the manufacturing industry.

Its object-oriented feature gives exactly same outputs as coded in an operating system. Also, if there is an error in the codes and messages, the code will crash without any warning. Jump into native development and highest control levels of C++ so that code will directly communicate with your device.

3. Kotlin

Inspired by Java, is the latest language. It is considered as the best programming language for mobile app development now. Since it comes with additional features to previous coding languages, therefore, it reigns over its pioneers; Java, Python, and C++ coding languages world.

Kotlin is free and opensource. It can easily create modern cross platforms with comfortable programming experience.

It also runs on Java Virtual Machine, compiles to Java bytecode where it can use compiler infrastructure. We can say that it is an improved version of all programming languages used by mobile app developers in this era.

It is clean, simple and easy-to-approach. You can achieve the same results as you were getting from previous languages with the application with approximate 50% cut in numeral code lines. Although it has gained popularity due to its extraordinary features, it is still in the process to be iOS-compatible. Nurture yourself into the big world of Android app development with Kotlin!

4. Python

This coding language has gained popularity because of its excessive usage by top app development companies for interpretation and analyzation of numeric plus scientific data. It refers to so many applications where it is easy to learn. Many companies use Python for desktop and Android apps. Nevertheless, it can easily run on different OS; Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Python prototype tools create mobile apps and convert them to APK format which can run on Android devices. It supports Graphical User Interface applications. This programming language for mobile app development is for those who cannot stand shortcomings of Java. Lots of things can be done within a few lines of code. So, many mobile app developers have created apps with the help of Python tools.

Some of the popular examples include:

5. HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript

Together, these three languages work marvelously and have evolved into a great triad. CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 can create for both types; desktop and mobile apps. It is the top choice for browser streamlining and balancing. You can enhance compatibility with multiple screen sizes which helps you develop a web-fronted mobile app. Even though learning curves in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are not an easy but once you get over the initial hurdle, you’ll have all the power and flexibility you require.

Wrapping up, these are the 5 best programming languages for mobile app development which play an essential role for mobile app developers. TopNotch Innovative Technologies offers iOS, Android and Windows mobile app development services for its clients. They provide the best quality apps with striking designs that turn mobile concepts into robust app solutions.

If you have something more to share with us on the topic, please let us know in the comment box below.


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