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3 Design Strategies That Will Not Work in Coming Years




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It is a fact that web design strategy is changing continuously. With the passage of the time, people leave the old strategies and adopt the new one to move ahead with the trends. For your information, the web development industry adapts the changes so that they can create a better user experience and can raise the bar for their business.

When you are changing your strategies, then this also creates a different type of challenge for the industry. But still the experienced companies are always looking for new website design trends so that they set themselves apart from others within the industry.

Now, let’s talk about the major design strategies that will not work in the web development field in the near future. We will also discuss the new web design trends 2019 that will replace the old strategies and how you can position your business to get most of the new trends:

Top 3 Strategies That Will Not Work


The designing of the website is greatly influenced by the modern trends and development approaches. The innovative ideas and creativity in website design will replace the older strategies. Following are the three web design strategies that will not be used in the near future:

1- Stock and General Photos


Without any doubt, the new, attractive, and unique photo leaves a good impression on the viewers. If you are using stock photos for web design available free or paid websites like iStockPhoto or Adobe Stock, then you need to think about the innovative approach. You must be familiar with the fact that hundreds of thousands of website download the images. If any of the clients will see the same image on the two different websites, then this will leave a bad impression.

You should use unique photos with great resolution and fast loading time for creating better user experience as a part of your web design and development process. If you are going to use the image that is used on some other website, then this will damage your reputation and brand image. Furthermore, using a morphed image will also leave a bad impression because they look unnatural and unprofessional. Need Help? Consult our Boston’s web designers team and discuss your project.

2- Dull and Flat Graphics


Using dull and flat graphics for better user experience is one of the outdated web design trends. Now, you can impress your users with flat images. You must understand that online customers are becoming more demanding in terms of quality of images and videos. In the majority of the cases, the dynamic, animated, and colorful images are mostly seen during the web design strategies. You will see that slowly the usage of flat and static images is coming to an end. In addition to this, some of the website designers are using images with a low resolution on small websites and the impact of those images are decreasing consistently on the viewers.

According to the latest trends in web design, Google supports multi-dimensional images. The three-dimensional images are supported by all modern devices that include tablets, mobile phones, and even the latest PCs. Now, you will see that high resolution, 3D, and dynamic images will replace the older strategy of using flat images in the near future. In addition to this, companies also need to focus on the mobile-optimized website so that they can increase their traffic. Majority of the people are using their mobile phone to browse the website.

3- Avoiding the Proven Strategies


It is recommended to try out the innovative ideas but re-inventing the strategy that works well is not a great idea. You should use the proven strategy rather than becoming over-excited in creating something new without testing. Remember that innovation should be based on scientific research and data-oriented information. Web design is more scientific now and uncontrolled innovation will not work in the near future. So, you should be using the proven strategies that are verified through the feedback of the customers.

Reasons These Strategies Will Not Work


The reasons due to which the above-mentioned strategies are not working are listed below:

  1. A new era of information-oriented approach for web design is open due to the artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  2. The online viewers are more knowledgeable and demanding as compared to a decade ago.
  3. The analysis and study of customers has become more important.
  4. In industry, numerous technological improvements are emerging in the industry.
  5. The competition in the market has increased significantly.
  6. Customers are having multiple options in the industry.
  7. Better and engaging content is the demand of every online visitor.
  8. Customers are aggressively searching for high-quality products before spending their money. So, to make your website attractive and functional, you should hire professional website designers. They will guide you about the latest trends and things that are missing in your web design.
  9. Business Intelligence powered by big data has become an important component of web design and development.
  10. Many technological improvements are emerging in the industry.



New Strategies That Will Replace Old One



Following is the list of the new strategies that will replace the old strategies to benefit web designing:

  • High-quality Images Will Replace the Flat Images: High quality, 3D, and unique images will replace the old strategy of using low-quality flat images. The high-quality images and graphics in web design will increase the interest level among the visitors.
  • Customized Content Will Take Place of Generic Content: Customized and personalized content in comparison to the generic content will be the key to win. You should move toward a custom website design for the benefit of your business.
  • A Data-driven Approach Will Replace the Rule of Thumb: Data-driven approach backed by scientific research will be a new strategy of web design innovation in the coming days.



What Should Companies Do?


There are over 1.69 Billion websites in the world. The number is continuously increasing and the web page trends are also increasing. As a company, you should do the following things:

  • Keep a close check on design and technology trends
  • Adopt artificial intelligence web design and data science in design approach.
  • Investing a certain amount of your budget in research and development.
  • Create knowledge sharing and collaborative work environment.
  • Provide developers new training and tell them about new trends.


Hope now you are having a good understanding of the trends that will no longer exist in the near future. You have to embrace the technology and should follow new trends to benefit your business. Furthermore, if you are still looking for a professional help, then you should connect with TopNotch Innovative Technologies, a professional web design agency to get the top design strategies.


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