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10 Most Popular UI UX Design Trends of 2022




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User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two significant aspects when it comes to website development. Today websites are viewed on a desktop, mobile, tablets, etc. UI and UX are two crucial aspects that work closely together when designing the website to make it scalable, attractive, and accessible on different devices. If you are a business owner and have a website, you need to pay attention to these two things to make your website liked by your visitors or customers. Looking to get services related to UI/UX design services? Contact TopNotch to get the services from an experienced designer. They will understand your requirement to provide satisfactory results. Today, I will explain the UI & UX trends in 2022 by following our tested web design Boston methodologies.

Before discussing the latest trends for UI and UX in 2022. First, we will discuss the reason why we need to keep up with UI trends.


Affect Mood

Color plays an important role in triggering mood. The use of one color palette can make one user aggressive and another passive. A design that looks visually good offers better user engagement and holds their attention for a longer time.

Develop Trust

A polished and great-looking design is the source to gain the trust of your user. Subconsciously, users believe that a company with a good website or mobile app appearance will offer good products/services as well. 

Develop App Easy To Use

The main objective of the design is to build a clear interface for the user so that they can easily use the app. This is only possible when following the trends to change things according to new requirements.

Web UI Trends 2022

Trends for web UI in 2022 are enlisted below:

1- Seamless Interface

This is important to engage your user and to provide a better viewing experience. Keep things aligned. Content should be placed properly so that viewers can easily check the website without any problems.

2- Typography

This year, big headlines and gigantic fonts combined with smooth animations are trending. If you go with this trend, then it will look eye-catching. Secondly, you don’t need content at all because it will be replaced by typography. Various websites are following this trend.

3- Gradient Transitions

If gradient colors have been popular for a long time now. In 2018 we will face the trend of a smooth transition from one gradient to another during a certain action. The Spotify website is a good example of this.

4- WebGL

It is a JavaScript-based library that deals with the rendering of 3D graphics. With the help of this, you can design fascinating ways of interaction with your website’s visitors.

5- Custom Illustrations

Custom illustration allows the website to get a unique style that brings a better experience to users. Similarly, this goes for the photos as well. Use unique photographs so that the user can find something interesting to look at while viewing.

6- Videos Addition

The video is a useful way to explain your idea. For 2012, this type of content is more preferred as compared to photos or texts. One great benefit of the video is that you can easily share them with your friends and they can be easily promoted on different social media platforms. Many free video editing tools are available in the market, some popular ones are OPENSHOT, CLIPCHAMP

UX Trend in 2022

The trend in User Experience (UX) in 2022 are below:

1- Content-Focused Experience

Managing content is significant. Content-focused experiences are experiences in which content shape design. A designer’s goal is to make sure nothing impedes a viewer’s experience. To follow this trend the designer focuses on the following visual aspects of design:

  • Maintaining a good hierarchy in design eases the task of content comprehension.
  •  Ensure functioning. Removal of unnecessary elements provides a cleaner and more focused user experience.
  • White space gives more room for content, this greatly improves the user experience.

2- Time-saving Design 

Today successful websites and apps have one major feature. They provide relevant information, things are arranged properly so that the user can easily view them and their time is saved. The user looks for the product that helps them reach their goals as soon as possible. To get this done, the time-saving design is a helpful key. The time-saving design has the following characteristics:

  •  Clear navigation by using popular navigation patterns along with good information architecture.
  • Provide relevant information and features on each step of the user journey.
  • It has a linear design that has a fixed beginning-middle-end. This allows the user to do just one specific action at each step of that journey.

If you are smartly using white space, it can make a huge difference. In terms of appearance, readability by giving enough space to picture, photos, content, or videos. You might be interested in these free helpful tools for web designers. The list has free generators that can accelerate your web design Boston process. Anyway, as I was saying, white space is quite necessary to improve the overall aesthetic of your website. This will also improve the bounce rate.

3- Smarter Personalization

Now the current focus is how websites and apps can provide content relevant to user geolocation by offering services according to his need. Now one-size-fits-all experience is ignored. Instead individually tailor-made user interface design is more accepted. With significant progress in AI and machine learning, we are moving toward systems that are capable of changing user experience based on users themselves. Businesses are searching for new ways to offer a more personalized brand experience.

4- Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice user interfaces like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri now understand and act according to the voice instructions. It is one of the emerging key strategic skills for a new generation of web designers. VUIs allow us to interact properly and maintain connections with others.

Get the Best Services of Web Design in Boston

These were trends in UI & UX for 2022. When producing digital products, we must conduct both UI and UX to keep up with emerging markets and new models. To make your website better in both these fields, get help from a UI/UX design company.

Hope these tips will be helpful. Still, if you are confused to make your website design responsive and scalable, then contact web design experts, Top Notch Innovative Technologies to get your project designed and running in no time. Call us directly at (888) 355-8880 to get a free quote for the best design for your site. We are one of the top-rated Boston web design experts and can completely revamp your website for improved responsiveness, scalability, easiness to navigate. This will overall reduce the bounce rate of your site and increase traffic by 10 folds.


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